What We Do

Our Core Board


From our history and origins in the Philippines to current events concerning Filipino-American culture and the entire APIDA community, PSA aims to keep our community informed and aware. Learn more about events from our Awareness chair!


PSA is built from the dedication and love of over a thousand alumni. We are committed to staying connected with them - learn how we do just that!​


From the familiar biweekly volleyball nights to much-anticipated tournaments, PSA’s athletic events provide a fun, welcoming space for all members. Find out more about events by our Athletic chair!


Through cultural music, dance, and stories, PSA Barkada celebrates Filipino culture and identity and spreads this appreciation throughout the entire campus community. Find out more about the events that Barkada participates in!


PSA is always looking to give back to the community through our time, effort, and resources. Learn more about our Philanthropy chair!


From social media to campus events to our weekly newsletter, PSA keeps you and the community connected wherever you are. Learn more about our Publicity chair’s work!


PSA’s core is built from our community, and we welcome members old and new to all our events! Learn more about our upcoming virtual events organized by our Social chair.

AKA Program

Find your home away from home! The AKA (Ate, Kuya, Ading) Program brings our community together and helps connect us with all PSA members, from new freshmen to past alumni. Learn more about how to join!


1401 W Green St, Urbana, IL 61801, RSO complex, Cube #15

Contact our executive board at execs@psauiuc.org