Charmaine Balisalisa

Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Student in Fine and Applied Arts

What was your first impression of PSA & how does it differ from your impression of it now?
When I first observed this organization during the Ice Cream Social, the people were social and pretty easy to get along with, though I was pretty scared to just shake hands and talk – I’ve never had to do anything like that! I loved the different personalities and how they somehow were able to still blend well together. My first impression of them was pretty much carried throughout the year, and everyone is awesome in their own way, so meet them at your own discretion – some personalities may not be suitable for the people who seek boredom!

What’s it like to be in PSA?
Imagine yourself with a paintbrush and on one end of the road, and your goal is to paint your path as you get to the finish line that’s a mile away. There are people whose intention is just to get it over with and go straight to the finish line. But if you choose to be in PSA, you will be painting the Mona Lisa before you reach the end. And it’s beautiful.

What advice can you give to students?
Please, get involved with organizations relating to your major! Also, when things get rough, whether it’s your academics, your love life, your career, family, etc., just remember to NEVER give up on YOURSELF. YOU are the most important person in your life, so take care of yourself, because without you, there would be no “others” to take care of.