VP Internal

Katie Domines

Year in school: Junior
Major: Community Health

What was your first impression of PSA & how does it differ from your impression of it now?
I was really unsure about joining PSA because honestly (and this is kind of bad to say) I thought I would just be another face in the club and another 1+ to the number of members. But I learned throughout my freshman year that the officers and members are genuine people who want to get to know each other, grow together and learn together. PSA feels like a home but also feels like an outlet where you can challenge yourself to learn stuff about yourself that you never knew.

What’s it like to be in PSA?
I think being a part of PSA is a very humbling and enlightening experience unlike any other. You get more in touch with your culture (or if you’re not Filipino, you get to learn about a new culture). You meet amazing friends and get to do crazy, amazing, even scary things like attending a conference with 1000+ delegates like FACT, performing a cultural dance in front of those thousand delegates, winning a competition like Battle of the Bamboo, and meeting your best friend or a significant other. I think its an experience that would be hard to forget when you’re 30 or 50 years old and I’m very thankful for the people who brought me to ice cream social freshman year (you know who you are!)

What advice can you give to students?
Be true to yourselves! College IS the place where you can become “your own person” and is a chance to start over but don’t take advantage of that opportunity to become someone you aren’t. You can improve on your nonstrengths (like being shy) but still be the same awesome person you already are. It is okay to stay true to your beliefs and values, and no one should ever change those for you.