Vice President External – Csammer Love Jularbal


Mathematics with a Philosophy Concentration


Prime One Nine

Zodiac Sign



Dancing, traveling, jam sessions, baby animals, dank memes.

Why join PSA?

Barkada & FCN. I would have listed FACT also but I overslept that Saturday.

What makes PSA special to you?

Growing up, I wasn’t very interested in my heritage. I come from a very diverse and liberal part of California, with a large Filipino community, so I was content with knowing the food and the small Christian traditions from home. It was only in high school when I finally joined a group for Filipino cultural dancing — immediately, I fell in love with the people I met and the adventures we had and the culture we shared.

In PSA, I find the same love. I learn centuries of buried traditions in cultural dancing. I travel to other organizations to understand the deeper story of how people came to be, and the different kinds of resilience leadership necessitates. I practice valuable interpersonal skills that I’ll be able to translate to a professional workplace someday. And, through my Ates, Kuyas, and Adings, I find strength and support that surprises me everyday.

Advice to Freshmen?

While PSA is a lovely community to stay a part of, it’s easy to get too content. Break out of the bubble — join a new club, go on a weekend trip, reconnect with friends you haven’t heard from awhile. Expand your horizons and put yourself out there to experience new things and people because that’s why you’re here.