Formal 2010-2011

Kathleen Joan Abasolo

I help create the end of the year celebration where we celebrate the years’ friendships, officers and events.

Nicknames: Kat, Kit Kat, and occasionally “Ay Girl”

Birthday: December 12, 1989

Class & Major: Diiiiiirty Dozen and Elementary Education

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ate Gizelle; Kuyas Jay, Alain, Jess, and Mike; Adings Yasmine, Jeff, and Ashley

Hobbies: Photography, Being Crafty, Listening to Indie Music, and Shopping

Funny moment in college: Everyday is a funny moment. Good chances you’ll catch me falling on my face.

Favorite PSA event: Formal, duh.

Lynn Marie Macrowski

I help coordinate a formal for over 100 guests aka PSA prom.

Nicknames: Dork, Lynnie, Lynnie-pooh

Birthday: September 25, 1989 (hi Kuya Gerry!)

Class & Major: Dirty Dozen & junior in Mechanical Engineering

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ate Raissa Rocha, Kuya Tom Tiojanco, Kuya Brenan Salgado, Kuya Gerry Lagua, Ading Michaela Calangi, and Ading Tony Abiera

Hobbies: cooking, drawing, painting, piano, stamping, and volleyball

Funny moment in college: Watching my friend earn $10 by drinking and keeping down this concoction of whole milk, chocolate milk, grape soda, tobasco, grey poupon, mustard, bbq sauce, and fruit loops.

Favorite PSA event: Formal and Kamayan Night