Filamthropy 2010-2011

Stephanie Anne Ladrera Camba

Filamthropy is usually a two-person position that fundraises throughout the year with a finale fundraiser that benefits a single charity. This position sheds light on the different injustices and societal needs of the Pilipino community in Philippines through the selected non-profit and how our Fil-Am community here in the United States can address these needs through advocacy and donations.

Nicknames: Tepoy, Kuting (kitten in Tagalog), Stephy, Steph, Sparkles, Mama Camba

Birthday: May 30, 1990

Class & Major: D12!!!! Human Development and Family Studies and Global Labor Studies Minor

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ate Kate, Ate Laurie, Ate Marianne, Kuya Brenan, Kuya Louie, Kuya Steven, Ading Brian, Ading Megan, and Ading Xiuli

Filling out long, awkward descriptions about myself and my life. I really like culture, art, people, expression and diversity so anything that relates to those things I like to indulge in whenever and wherever.

Funny moment in college: One time I was trying to creep my friend out at the arc by standing over her with my other friend until she noticed… She noticed, but it actually wasn’t my friend. *salty*

Favorite PSA event: Every single Awareness, Fil-Am, and FACT event I have attended and every single heart to heart one on one sincere moment of dialogue I have engaged in with my PSA pares and comares.

Kimberly Reyes Oco

Fil-Amthropy is the last PSA event held at the end of the year, where two coordinators search for one charity/organization, where we focus on fundraising and bringing awareness to the Fil-Am community. Aside from informing others about the issues in the Philippines, it is also a way to bring families and friends together.

Nicknames: Kimmy, Kimi, Kimbo, Kim, Kimbrella, Kimchi, Pichu

Birthday: June 18, 1990 (June babies FTW!)

Class & Major: The Infamous “Dirty Dozen” AKA The Best Class EVER! Community Health Major – Health Administration (concentration)/Pre-Dentistry

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ates – President Ate Melorie, Ate Amy (Ah-mee), Ate Marianne, Ate Kate (she’s actually my REAL sister) | Kuyas – Kuya Alex and Kuya Jess | Ading Rose and Ading Desiree

I love to draw and sketch. I love singing, dancing, and music. I also loveee clothes and shopping! I like eating lots and lots of chocolate, candy, and red velvet cupcakes.

Funny moment in college: I have too many, hang out with me and there will be more funny moments! Haha.

Favorite PSA event: My favorite PSA events are of course Fil-Am, F.A.C.T, and awareness events. These events are truly reflective of what PSA has to offer. These events inspire – they exemplify the knowledge, growth, and innovative ideas PSA has about our Filipino culture. These events truly connect the ties between Fil-Ams and their Filipino culture.