Fashion Show

Mark Pagatpatan

We cultivate a large scale production showcasing talents from our association through dance, song, and story. We coordinate practice schedules, organize scene sequences, network with other organizations, and obtain endorsements from local businesses

Nickname: Marky

Birthday: 7/7/1991

Class & Major: 2013/Community Health – Health Education

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Kuyas Alex Roussos and Michael Hufana, Ates Allyson Adriatico and Laurie Penalber, and Adings Armi Grace, Jay, and Tricia

Hobbies: I like to sing, play volleyball, watch movies, shop when I have the time and money, sleep, eat (alot),

Favorite PSA Event: FACT and Battle of the Bamboo

Advice to Freshmen: Time runs fast. Do what you love and make lots of friends around campus. Study hard from the very beginning.

Nikki Vidal

We plan and are in charge of the annual PSA Fashion Show. This show is used to bring our members together to create and strengthen bonds while also putting on a large scale production. This gives our members a chance for their talents to shine.

Nicknames: Neeks, Niks, Da baaaaaby, Princess, Nikkikins, Ikkinay

Birthday: 6/13/1991

Class & Major: SO CLEAN 13! Elementary Education with a concentration in math

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Kuya Ollie, Kuya Julian, Kuya Alex, Ate Megan, Ate Ariel, Ate Grace, Ading Christine Joy, Ading Armi Grace, Ading Greg.

Hobbies: I enjoy sleeping and eating mostly. I like to dance and have fun.

Favorite PSA Event: FASHION SHOW DUH. Kornfusion, FACT and Ricebowl are fun too!

Advice to Freshmen: It’s okay to make mistakes! That’s how we learn.

Fun Fact: I face planted at the second semester Welcome Back party my freshmen year at canopy.

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