FACT 2010-2011

Allyson Adriatico

I’m one of the coordinators for this year’s FACT conference which is the largest Filipino American conference in the Midwest. It brings people together.

Nicknames: Allie, Al, Als, Alliekins only by Alex, Al-lay

Birthday: September 7, 1988

Class & Major: Illeven, Psychology

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ates Yukari Ohtomo, Alli Mendiola, Angie Lin, Kuyas Ryan Lee, Frandy Villar, Alain Sothikhoun, Adings Julian Ignacio, Nikkie Villamin, Sophia Hizon, Mark Pagatpatan, and Jamille Dictado

Hobbies: Reading, singing, playing in parks, eating more than i should be able to, hanging out with my family, and writing lists.

Funny moment in college: Toooo many to name. i think everything is funny.

Favorite PSA event: FACT (all biases aside). Actually all the F’s.

Ariel Hugh

I co-coordinate an event that encompasses Filipino and Filipino American issues which includes inviting facilitators and guest speakers to talk to delegates from different universities in a weekend long event.

Nicknames: The Mermaid (which is not so original people)

Birthday: Aug. 22, 1989

Class & Major: Class of 2011. College of Nursing

Kuyas Thomas and Ryan Tiojanco, Ates Jemma Lopez and Jannell Lising, Adings Julian Ignacio, Janel Angeles, Robyn Besana, and Nikki Vidal

Hobbies: Playing volleyball, running and cooking/baking as well as being an all around good nerd.

Funny moment in college: Any moment where I am having a fun and chill session with my closest friends.

Favorite PSA event: Cornfusion, FACT, and Formal

Alexander Roussos

With two other people, I help to organize this year’s FACT conference by contacting facilitators, making space requests, and working the money.

Nicknames: A-Rous, Kanye

Birthday: October 27

Class & Major: Senior in MCB

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Kimberly Oco, Kathlyn Oco, Lynette Puzon, Mark Pagatpatan, Nicole Vidal, Janel Angeles, and Roseanne Aragon.

Hobbies: Entertaining new ideas.

Funny moment in college: Brenan peeing in the middle of our dorm room.

Favorite PSA event: F.A.C.T.