Secretary – Marianne Reyes


Community Health | Pre-Nursing


Prime One Nine

Zodiac Sign



I’m a violinist, I play tennis, and I like to collect quotes (from books, articles, famous people, movies, etc.)!

Why join PSA?

My high school didn’t have a Filipino Club, and I was one of the few Filipinxs in school, so I definitely wanted to join PSA. I wanted to make friends, meet more Filipinxs, and learn more about the Philippine culture.

What makes PSA special to you?

PSA is life. I say this because 1) I spend a lot of my time doing PSA-related tasks and attending PSA events & officer meetings, and 2) Without PSA, I don’t know what my college experience would be like. I’ve met so many kind, helpful, funny, & caring people whom I’m happy to surround myself with. PSA has given me many opportunities & memories that I will never forget, from performing at Battle of the Bamboo to going on road trips to becoming a leader in the AAPI community to simply volunteering & hanging out with my AKAs. My ates, kuyas, adings, and sibs have also become a strong support system for me. Without PSA, my college experience would not be as bearable and enjoyable as it is right now.

Advice to Freshmen?

Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone. Taking the first step is the hardest; once you make that first move, everything else will follow. Everything happens for a reason. There are going to be hard, stressful days, but you’ll get through them. 🙂