Secretary | Cat Taylo

Cat Taylo         

Class of 2017  |  Dream Team ’17

Speech & Hearing Science  |  Minor in Spanish

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What makes PSA special to you?

PSA is special to me for two things: the ability to express + immerse oneself in Filipino/-American and Asian/-American culture and the AKA system.

Deep down, who are you really? 

My name is Cat and it’s short for Christine Abrigo Taylo, I’m a PSA Officer, Resident Advisor and aspiring Doctor of Speech Language Pathology. But deep down, I would say I am a self-proclaimed graphic artist and interior designer, a stuffed animal connoisseur ahead of her time and an eccentric foodie with a big stomach for ramen and a second stomach for sushi. I enjoy chill conversation, real talk if you will at beaches, parks or coffee shops. Find me at your local Starbucks drinking water or McDonald’s coffee because I’m cheap and need to pay for grad school. My pet peeves range anywhere between people being loud in a library to not having enough rice with my main course. 


What would you do differently if you knew that no one was judging you? 

If no one was judging me, I would eat all of my crazy food combinations* in public.
*Combination Example: seaweed and lunch meat
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