Sarah Bueno

Year in school: Junior 2016
Major: Community Health/Pre-Nursing

My name is Sarah Bueno, and I am a Filipino-American. I am currently a Certified Nursing Assistant and aspire to be a nurse practitioner. I love to explore and enjoy my freedom to live life and take risks. I am also open to trying new things 🙂

Why did you join PSA and what made you stay?

I joined PSA because my older sister always talked about it whenever she came home from break or when she would talk to me on the phone. When she talked about the people within the organization, it was like they were her second family, and I wanted to have the same experience. It was also a median for me to be able to dance and express myself through different means. I decided to stay with PSA because they are my family, they are my home away from home. College is not easy but having people there to support you throughout the way makes it a whole lot better.

Why did you become an officer and what plans do you have in store for PSA next year?

Being a Filipino-American, I felt that I was not in touch with my Filipino culture as much as I should have. By becoming an officer, I wanted to learn more about what it means to be Filipino. Not only that, but I felt that having a leadership position would allow me to grow as a person whether it be in communication skills or finding my identity. My plans for the future of PSA is to encourage everyone to be external and make many connections. Not only that, but allow them to realize how important Filipino culture is.

What advice do you have for others?

Be motivated and don’t let the small things bring you down. Have passion for what you do and what you believe in. It is important to think of others but at times you have to be selfish to reach your goals. Take every opportunity that comes your way. Get involved and join other organizations to have a wide range of friends. Do not be afraid to approach others. Know your limits. Take care of yourself. Be healthy. Study hard. Have fun, it’s college.