Reymar De Leon

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Community Health
Prime ’19

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Favorite PSA memory?

BATTLE OF THE BAMBOO! Being able to perform for BOTB was life changing . You learn so much about the Filipino culture and you also get the chance to create bonds with your barkada family. I’m very glad that I did battle last year! Would’ve missed out on such an awesome experience.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to play Volleyball for fun, have mini jam sessions with friends, and just chill while sipping some bubble tea.

What is your goal for PSA? What should we be looking forward to with you in charge?

I want everyone to see PSA as a very welcoming and accepting community. It’s a safe place where different ethnicities gather to celebrate Filipino and other cultures as well. We are famILY 🙂

What is the best Filipino dish?

Every Filipino dessert is bomb.