Reed Adrien Cabral

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Mechanical Engineering | Biomolecular Engineering
Dream Team ’17

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Tell us about yourself.

My wardrobe has dramatically increased during college. My freshman year, I owned five shirts and now I own 14 tank tops! I’ve also gained 20 pounds since my freshman year.

Describe this year’s theme of “Ating Tahanan.”

I immediately think of how you can find a home within PSA no matter who you are and where you come from. The people within this organization are incredibly diverse and I can promise you that you will find somewhere where you belong.


What do you consider to be one of the most pressing issues facing the Filipino community?What is important right now?

I think it is important for the Filipino community and Asian American community to branch out to other communities, whether that be the African American community, Latino/a community, LGBTQ+ community, Native American community, the list goes on forever. It is important for us to not only recognize that we are where we are today thanks to the efforts of other minority communities, but to also stand in solidarity to combat the issues we all face today.

Do you have a favorite childhood story?

When I was little, I would play with Legos a lot. If I wanted to transport them, if I didn’t have room in my hands, I would put Lego pieces in my mouth. One day, I choked on one and swallowed it. And then I stopped. And now I’m an engineer.