Lizah Doctor

Year in School: Senior
Major: Molecular & Cellular Biology

What was your first impression of PSA & how does it differ from your impression of it now?
I thought PSA was a group of people that were friends for the pure reason of that they are all from the same nationality. This stigmatism was a huge turn off to me as a freshman. 4 years later, I’m fully immersed in the culture of PSA and I have come to find that it’s not the our nationalities that bonds us, but the passion for culture and learning that makes us a family.

What’s it like to be in PSA?
To be in PSA you get to experience the excitement of student organized events; the lifelong bonds of ates, kuyas and adings; the rush following a roaring crowd after performing with Barkada; the camaraderie of dancers performing with a purpose at FCN; the sweat, blood and tears of Rice Bowl preparation and much much more!

What advice can you give to students?
There’s a lot that I would have done differently after 3 years in undergrad, but the biggest piece of advice I would give is this: Take your goals and dreams, and cater every aspect of your life to cater to this image. Time is too precious to waste so put all of your efforts towards the perfect you.