Walbert Castillo

Year in School: Sophomore
Major: Pre-Medicine, Molecular and Cellular Biology w/ Spanish Minor

What was your first impression of PSA & how does it differ from your impression of it now?
My first impression of PSA was that it seemed vast. Many people knew each other but I hardly knew any. And as a devoted member to PSA, I slowly learned that many of these individuals have similar interests as to mine and we became a family.

What’s it like to be in PSA?
One favorite memory of mine was during the AKA competition around Halloween time. It was a very fun experience for me and my family because it helped us grow not only as a family but culture wise. I am very fortunate to have my AKA family arround because it helped me understand PSA as a whole.

What advice can you give to students?
One more thing, if you plan to study in your dorm and take naps, make sure to put more than one alarm clock because you can sometimes find yourself waking up the next morning.