Philanthropy 2011-2012

Grace Geremias
I offer opportunities for our members to help others on campus and in the greater community. SERVACE WITH GRACE! hah

Nicknames: Nothing’s really stuck.

Birthday: 6/29/1992

Class & Major: Freaky Freaky Freaky Fourteens and I’m majoring in Integrative Biology.

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ate Kat Abasolo, Kuya Jon Dayrit, Kuya Steve Hizon, and Kuya Steven Mapaye

Hobbies: I love spontaneously joining in on sports games, eating yogurt, biking, voguing, crazily dancing, and laughing.

Favorite PSA Event: Throwback Night, Relay, and Freshman Sleepover.

Advice to Freshmen: Don’t cling on to the familiar. Remember why you’re here. And lastly get to know CUMTD.

Random fact: I was sent to the hospital twice in my life. One for sticking a bean up my nose. A second time for drinking liquid fertilizer.