Publicity 2010-2011

Steven Mapaye
I help promote PSA and getting members old and new to go to all the PSA events via emails, Facebook events, etc.

Nicknames: Steve, Mapaye, Papaya, Nips, Bruce Lee, Bruce Nips Lee, Cubs, and several variations of my last name used solely by Brian Panganiban

Birthday: November 13, 1991

Class & Major: Class of 2013 (So Clean Thirteen), Molecular and Cellular Biology, Pre-Medicine

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ates: Jecca Lesko and Melorie Masacupan | Kuyas: Marcus Catibog, Vircell Dayap, and Brenan Salgado

Hobbies: Playing piano and guitar, Jam sessions, Photography

Funny moment in college :When Kuya Marcus forgot the lyrics to “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train during our performance at Formal 2010 hahahah.

Favorite PSA event: All of them!

Brian Panganiban
I PUBLICIZE the organization named Philippine Student Association. This is done by leading and preparing the group for Quad Day, obtaining/maintaining/retaining members of PSA, sending emails to all members, and being the link between the officer’s events and the public. All while having a grand ol’ time at U of I.

Nicknames: Smiles, B-Pan, BP, Half of a Mapaniban, Annoying, Bri, Friend

Birthday: March 29, 1991

Class & Major: Class of 2013 (So Clean Thirteen) | Accounting

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ate Stephanie “Mama” Camba, Cool-ya Eric Abasolo, Kuya Dave “Black” Harbin, and Ed Kuy

Hobbies: Smiling, laughing, interneting, videogaming, basketballing, tennising, musicing, being bad at dancing, swaggering, and awesoming.

Funny moment in college: Every moment of my college experience.

Favorite PSA event: FACT, Fashion Show, and Ice Cream Social