Philanthropy 2010-2011

Chloe Cachola
I plan volunteer opportunities through the University Volunteers Office so that our members can get involved in reaching out to our community and campus. In addition, I coordinate fundraisers and keep the members up to date on our ongoing efforts in raising money for multiple causes such as Relay for Life and other Non-Profit organizations.

Nicknames: I know, I know, Chloekins is lame.

Birthday: November 8, 1990

Class & Major: So Clean 13 and technically I’m still Undecided

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ate Nikki, Kuya Eric, Kuya Ollie, and Kuya Steve. . . I can’t wait to get adings this year!

Hobbies: Watching movies, watching tv, shopping, eating, singing, baking, and napping!

Funny Moment in College: When my roommate was trying to feed our fish (Ollie) and somehow he ended up jumping out of his bowl and tumbling down the dresser (which was like 6 drawers high!) and he survived! Well he later died, but we will always remember that funny moment we had with him. RIP Ollie.

Favorite PSA event: Fact and Fashion Show but I loved everything!