Rebecca Ozaki

I spead awareness of Filipino culuture to members and the community.

Nicknames: Becky, Becksta, Rachel

Birthday: January 10th 1991

Class & Major: Class of 2013 Human Development Family Studies Child Development Concentration

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Kuya Ken Gomez & Ate Kim Oco

Hobbies: Eating

Favorite PSA Event: Kamayan Night

Advice to Freshmen: Never limit yourself & always keep an open mind. Don’t feel like if you don’t go out one night you’ll miss out, school comes first and one day being a nerd will be the best thing to ever happen to you!

Random Facts: I’m half Filipino, half Japanese but no one can tell until they hear my last name. Never tell me you’re from Chicago unless you are actually from the city of Chicago (pet peeve.) You can always find me at Grainger. I love real talks.

Desiree Djezebel Bote

As awareness co-chair, I work with my partner to create an interest in Filipino culture and perspective through hands-on interaction, and the notion that we can instill the values of family, identity, and exploration in our fellow peers. Our events include Knowlegde Aboutcha College, Get Down With Your Cultural Self, Kamayan Night, and more! Hopefully, we can give PSA members the opportunity to share ideas, and bring their own personal experiences into our events; and also to take away information, so, that they can further themselves in the world and into their future. Reaching for the sky, right here. 🙂

Nicknames: Desi; Des; “D”; Desbot; Dote

Birthday: December 2nd, 1990 [same as Britney Spears, mwahahaha]

Class & Major: So Clean ’13 // English/Elementary Education

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ate Kim Oco, Kuya Ed Cay, Kuya Nhat Trinh, Ading Andrew Murphy, Ading Pia Muyot, Ading Cherry Oribello. Love you, all!

Hobbies: Music is my love: the feeling you get when you listen to an awesome song. Movies by Quentin Tarantino + any indie/unconventional movies. Watching Nickelodeon TV Shows [iCarly + Victorious, mostly, lol], Community, Glee, and anything on BravoTV. Kdramas rock, too. I love children’s adventure books. The trifecta of baking, cooking, and eating.

Favorite PSA Event: FACT is the shizniz.

Advice to Freshmen: Here’s a poem I wrote before my first year of high school in 10 minutes for a Creative Writing summer course. It seemed fitting for starting undergraduates. 🙂 “I wish, if I may, with all my might // That the dreams I follow will take flight // And help me to achieve what I’ve hoped for // It could use up my years // But I’m willing to risk that, along with all my fears // Fear of being rejected, that’s all it takes // To make me think I’m just one big fake // A lie, a hack, another one hit wonder with a track // But if I may intercede, I beg you, I plead // That underneath this skin // Is a role model to believe in // Behind these walls of skin, muscle, and bone // Is the soul that I harbor // Which could take me farther // From the place that I’m already trying to escape // So… sneak another glance, do a double take // On the face, that will fly me to another place”

To follow-up my poem: Passion and happiness are key. If you have those, then, the path you choose can never be wrong. That’s how I felt when I wrote that poem, and I’ve never apologized for anything I’ve done since.

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