Gregory Macagba

My position informs all of PSA’s alumni about our events throughout the year. I’m in charge of giving the opportunity for you to get to know alumni. Through alumni chair, I hope to encourage all of you to establish connections with the alumni on a personal or professional manner.

Nicknames: Greg. Gregor. G-Mac. Greghis Khan.

Birthday: 2/10/1992

Class & Major: Freaky 14. Integrative Biology

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ate Tiffany Tse, Ate Nikki Vidal, Kuya Marcus Catibog, Kuya Jon Dayrit

Hobbies: Piano. Violin. Tennis. Basketball. Apple Products. My large ghetto blaster (Boom Box). COD zombies with the Tron/Inception soundtrack playing in the background. Doing anything with the Tron/Inception soundtrack playing in the background.

Favorite PSA Event: Capture the Flag. Kornfusion.

Advice to Freshmen: Welcome failure into your life. Sometimes it’s the only way we grow. Don’t forget about your friends and family back home, keep contact with them every now and then. Take naps whenever you can. And don’t be afraid to ask for help, seek me out whenever. No diggity, no doubt.

Random Facts: I’m colorblind. Please don’t ask me what color is this or this. I had the meaning of Ate Kuya and Ading mixed up in the beginning of the year. I love the terminal soundtrack. I can also make goosebumps appear at will.

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