Alumni 2010-2011

Ryan Tuzon Adriatico
I keep PSA’s alumni up to date with our organization’s events and everyone in it. I also coordinate events that allow members to get to know alumni, offering guidance, advice, and anecdotes (everyone loves anecdotes), further promoting that family atmosphere PSA brings.

Nicknames: Ry, Ryry. How lame, I don’t have any cool nicknames. Some one better be on that as we speak (fingers crossed, I’m hoping for something worthy of an American Gladiator).

Birthday: April 12, 1990

Class & Major: 2012 | Urban & Regional Planning

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ate Sam Salazar, Kuyas Gerry Lagua, Irwin Aguilar & Jess Martinez, Adings Dan Guico & Cheryl DeGuzman

Hobbies: Basketball, beats, painting, extreme ironing & eating meatloaf, steak, hashbrowns, & authentic steak tacos.

Funny moment in college: When my friend Eric Matthews was trying to sneak attack Topanga. My personal favorite attempt is between either hidden in American Gothic or the couch cushion.

Favorite PSA event: Cornfusion, Fashion Show, & FACT