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The AACC is hosting a book club featuring “From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant” by Alex Gilvarry, a Filipino-American author. He will be making an appearance for a Meet & Greet AND a public reading on November 7th and 8th! Please join us!

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This month the Philippine Student Association is focusing on mental health within the AAPI (Asian-American & Pacific Islander) community. Our Awareness Chairs have organized a wonderful list of mental health resources. Find them here.

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Happy Filipino American History Month!



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Updates and Newsletters

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The Philippine Student Association will be publishing a digital Newsletter on this site after the General Member’s meeting on March 8th at the Illini Union Room 314A from 6-8! [/intense_content_box]
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As always, stay updated with the activities of the Philippine Student Association by checking our events page! The slideshow is updated after every few events, so try to spot yourself in one of the images![/intense_content_box]
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The Philippine Student Association would like to wish you all a very happy FilAm History Month! We hope you find yourself learning something new about the important contributions from the FilAm community and more about the FilAm identity everyday. [/intense_content_box]
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