Melanie Chiu

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Molecular & Cellular Biology
A-Team ’18

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What is there to know about Melanie Chiu?

I am a careful person that would like to get to know thy neighbor. Awkward on the outside but cherishing and still a bit awkward on the inside. I approach my day by seeing the value in things. One thing I value is seeing good in others.

What do you love about PSA?

The people. I wouldn’t have stayed if it wasn’t for the people. PSA chose to listen to me and see me be my true self. I gleam with excitement when I see a sibling on the quad. I love PSA because it’s a new home. A home where I can be curious and learn about a culture different from mine and feel welcomed.

Favorite Filipino food?

Chicken Adobo huehuehue

What do you do in your free time?

I instastalk dog accounts like @boss_thecorgi.