Lyle Lacanlale

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Civil Engineering | Environmental Engineering
Prime ’19

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What is your relationship with the Filipino or the Filipino-American identity?

Thanks to my involvement with PSA, my relationship with the Filipino identity has grown in the past year. Previously, the extent of knowledge of the Filipino culture was limited to what could be served on a plate. Outside of dinner time, I was just any generic Asian-American. Now I do take more pride in the heritage associated with being a Filipino-American, however I do want to learn more about current Filipino events and issues.

What do you do in your free time?

I suppose I could describe myself as a gym rat that dabbles in anime and comics.

What makes PSA special to you? What do you love about PSA?

I love PSA because of its diversity and how welcoming it is to new members. PSA’s members are diverse not only in ethnicity, but also in interests, goals, and personalities. Despite this, we all somehow come together to make a tight-knit family that is more than happy to grow in number.

What is your vision for PSA? What should we be looking forward to with you in charge?

As a board member I want to see PSA grow in presence in the community, not only in number but notoriety. Specifically as athletic chair, I believe this can be done through sports, activities, and competitions with other organizations. This means you should be on the look out for friendly tournaments and some Quad 101!

Do you have a favorite Filipino food?

Can’t go wrong with some sinigang.

What is one place you’d like to travel?

I’d like to travel around Europe, perhaps starting in Spain with my high school level Spanish?

DC or Marvel?