Kevin Ly (Example 2)

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Year in school: Sophomore
Major: Computer Engineer

Who are you? What can you tell us about yourself?

Since I am an engineer, you may think that I am a boring person who immerses myself in technology. While part of that may be true (I decided to become webmaster after all!), I am someone who loves playing tennis in my free time as well as follow teams such as the Bulls, Bears, and Cubs. I haven’t read much recently due to my busy schedule, but when I did, I loved reading Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Alex Rider while also watching shows/movies like Suits, Teen Wolf and Inception.

I am someone who is more quiet and introvert but I am looking to change that, starting with being an officer for PSA!

Why did you join PSA and what made you stay?

I first joined PSA because my older brother told me that it was one of the better organizations on campus. After not being very involved on campus first semester, I decided to attend the first general meeting of second semester. I met a wide variety of people that day and the welcoming environment ultimately made me say, “Yeah this is an organization I can see myself joining.” This organization has taught me a lot, things such as the importance of culture in shaping one’s identity as well as in changing your own view of the world. In the end, this organization has a wide variety of people, whom push you out of your comfort zones for the betterment of both you and the organization as a whole.

What advice do you have for others?

Join organizations on campus, but also be wary of your limits. Work with others on homework assignments to help with stress that may arise because they will ultimately be the ones who push you towards finishing homework well before it’s due. Also remember to enjoy your life and have fun!

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