Katrina Felice Grasparil Monreal

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Industrial Design
Prime ’19

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Who is Katrina Monreal?

I’m from Chicago (real Chicago, not that thing where people say they’re from Chicago and when you ask which neighborhood, they respond they’re actually from Aurora but they’ve been to Chicago a lot). I’m really passionate about immigrant and refugee rights. I attempt spoken word and dance and draw and paint a little. I watch a lot of cartoons and read a lot books but I can’t sit still through movies.

What would you consider to be a pressing issue facing the Filipino community or Asian American community today?

For me, it personally manifests itself in the art world. I once had a teacher tell me that the reason I was such a technical artist was because I’m Asian. I’ve found that I’m really sick of hearing people telling me that I’m relegated to smart design because of my race, and when I seek inspiration for creative writing, spoken word, rap, fine arts, photography, and general dope alternative-lifestyles, Asian faces are not as prevalent in these spheres. I think Asians (especially Filipinos) right now are more than capable of taking over creative fields and that’s something I want to see way more of in my lifetime.
Other places that need more Asian representation: in Congress, in Hollywood.

What is your goal for PSA? What should we be looking forward to with you in charge?

Being able to talk about social justice issues that affect my community with my friends is something that is really important to me, and I found that I was having a hard time finding people in my community that were willing to engage. It totally makes sense — it’s difficult to dive into politics if you haven’t had the privilege of existing in a space where it’s been formally taught in a way that’s personal and engaging. I hope that with my knowledge and passion for socio-political issues, PSA can feel confident in their awareness of issues that affect them and feel comfortable sharing their opinions and ideas.

Personal Theme Song?

Killing Me Softly- The Fugees

Spirit animal? Celebrity spirit animal?

My spirit animal is a slinky lil red foxy fox with sparkle paws. Celebrity spirit animal is Ruby Ibarra. If I was an object I’d be a pair of rollerblades.