Justin Sumait

Year in school: Junior
Major: Accounting

Who are you? What can you tell us about yourself?
I am a very simple man with very simple aspirations.
I hope to one day
*Birdman voice*
“Make a whole lotta money”

Why did you join PSA and what made you stay?

I joined PSA because I could.
I stayed because I chose to.

But really, I stayed because of my awesome Kuyas and Ates.
I have taken a lot from my As & Ks and I learned so much about myself from them.

And even though 3/4ths of them graduated, I still keep in touch, and I hope to be the same inspiration to my own wonderful adings that my A’s & K’s were to me.

Why did you become an officer and what plans do you have in store for PSA next year?

I became an officer because I could.
I plan to make a whole lotta money (For the org). *Birdman hand rub*

What advice do you have for others?

“Gotta glo up one day” –
Abraham Lincoln

Who dat? Who dat?

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