Jared-Peter Lavengco

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Molecular & Cellular Biology
Prime ’19

How would you describe this year’s theme of “Ating Tahanan?”

This year’s theme is about one of the things that I value about PSA. Ating tahanan translates to “our home” or “a place where we stay”. PSA is a not a place, but rather a group of people I stay with and stick by. It is a family that accepted me with open arms when I couldn’t find a place to belong. I hope to bring more people into PSA this year and make our family even bigger. I want to make PSA a home to others because it so quickly became a home to me.

Tell us your vision for PSA.

I really want PSA to embody “Ating Tahanan”, our theme this year. I see PSA as a group of people that I can always count on. They’re always there to study, eat, and procrastinate the day away with me. PSA is really a second home to me and I hope to make PSA home to everyone who wants to be a part of it. Also look forward to an amazing Filipino Culture Night with quality food and lots of fun dances!

Who is your biggest role model?

My biggest role model is my mom. She came here from the Philippines when she was just in high school without much except a will to work hard. My grandparents pushed for her and her siblings to get into high schools in normal classrooms rather than being held back for not having English as their native language. She always worked hard in school and even put herself through nursing school. She worked night shifts as a nurse and still managed to take care of me and my older brother. She’s worked so hard to get our family to the place it is now so we don’t have to worry about not having what we need like so many others. My mom embodies the Filipino narrative and is the person who inspired me to study towards becoming a doctor. I owe her so much and yet I have little to give besides kind words. But I plan to give back to her somehow once I’ve rid myself of my inevitable student debt.

If you could have any superpower, which would you choose? What would you do with it?

My superpower would be selective/photographic memory. Life would be infinitely easier if I could just memorize textbooks and study guides. Plus, knowing random things about everything is something I enjoy. It would also be nice to be able to make myself forget that one time in 7th grade that I told a terrible joke to someone I just met. That moment still haunts me to this day.