Janais Peace

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Bioengineering | Psychology
A-Team ’18

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If you could have any 3 superpowers, what would they be?

1) Total time control where I could speed up, slow down, rewind, and freeze time as needed (not time travel). Although I probably wouldn’t ever use the speed up except for the microwave. 2) Super regenerative abilities so that if I ever lost a limb or something I could just regrow it. 3) The ability to always have the perfect amount of change needed in bills and coins in my pocket. I guess I’d always have to have pockets then.

What do you consider to be one of the most pressing issues facing the FilAm community today?

For many Filipino Americans of my generation, there is a struggle of identity in belonging. Some of us feel we are neither from here (US) nor there (Philippines), and yet still face the scrutiny and expectations a typical Filipino youth may expect in the Philippines, for example, challenges with colorism and language. Many immigrant Philippine parents still hold the ideology that lighter skin is more desirable and therefore urge their children to avoid staying out in the sun. Many of us can no longer speak Tagalog/Ilocano/Visayan etc., and are quickly discredited by native Filipinos. Meanwhile, the US population does nothing to assist this transition for first/second generation Filipinos as we frequently are bunched under a broad umbrella of being “Chinese.” There are no qualifications to being Filipino aside from your blood and love for food. My message to you is to be firm in who you are. You know where you come from and that can never be taken from you.

What is your vision for PSA? What should we expect with you in charge?

I want PSA to be revolutionary. When I say I’m on the board for PSA, people should instantly respond with “Wow! I love that organization. They do everything!” Expect more. Always expect more. Demand it.