Jacqueline Olivia San Diego

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Global Studies | Spanish
Dream Team ’17

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What makes PSA special to you? What do you love about PSA?

PSA is my second home and family. I love the fact that it is a fantastic way to network and gain leadership skills, learn about the Filipino culture, create new friendships, and have fun!

Why did you join PSA?

I joined PSA because I decided to take initiative to learn about the other half of my culture that was missing in my life. I wanted to understand my father’s side of the family and to connect to my roots. I learned much about the history, the customs and traditions through dancing with Barkada and going to events hosted by the board.

What is your relationship with the Filipino or the Filipino-American identity?

My relationship with the Filipino identity to describe it in one word is- developing. I find myself continuously building and strengthening the relationship I have with my Filipino culture. I always identify myself as 50% Filipino, and I say it with pride, but what is more important to me is knowing why I am proud of my ethnicity and background.

What kind of leaders do Filipinos need today? How are you working to become that leader?

Filipinos need honest leaders. This goes for both in the Philippines and the US. There are not enough honest leaders in power that are focusing on the well-being of their people. A good leader is one that is understanding, driven, and one that is able to listen and follow the people that he/she is leading. I’m actively participating in things that I am passionate about such as this organization because it is not only something that I care about, but the people that will join this clan that I call family are a fantastic support system that deserve the best experience in learning about the culture and personal/professional development.

Bucket list?

One place I’d like to travel- Indonesia. One thing I’d like to do before I die- tbd. Dream job- work for Vogue or become the First Lady of the United States.

Personal Theme song?

Sexual Healing- 😏 Anything Motown, really