About PSA at UIUC

Learn about our great past, present, and future.



Philippine Illini: The Beginning

  • November 3, 1919

     Student petition to accept the “Philippine Illini” as a university organization

  • September 2nd, 1919

    First Official Meeting at the residence of Dr. J.J. Mirasol

  • September 16th, 1919

    First Constitution Drafted

  • September 21st, 1919

    Constitution approved & Officers elected



Our Purpose Then…

“to render assistance in any way possible to Filipinos coming to the University of Illinois”

To Our Mission Today.

Our mission is to foster and maintain relationships
through the education and awareness of Filipino identity and culture,
as well as to develop academic and leadership skills
in order to positively impact the self and the community.

Our Theme


This year our theme is “Ating Tahanan.” This phrase directly translates from Tagalog into “Our Home.”
As a community, we made this our theme as it reflects the multitude of opportunities our organization provides.

When we invite you to our home, we hope you feel welcomed to share our culture, our customs, and our values.
When we invite you into our home, we hope you find comfort. For many of our members, PSA serves as a new home away from home. We find a new family among friends. No matter where you come from, you can find a home with PSA.

    Maligayang pagdating sa Ating Tahanan.
Welcome to Our Home.

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