Frequently Asked Questions

 The Philippine Student Association emphasizes transparency in its operation.
For your convenience, an FAQ page was developed.

Here you can find a bunch of answers to questions you might have!


“Do I have to be Filipino or Asian to join?”

To put it simply, no! The Philippine Student Association is about embracing and celebrating the Filipino culture whether or not it is part of your own heritage. We extend our warmest welcome to members of all backgrounds.

“How do I join PSA?”

You can join PSA by contacting any officer (Meet the Officers here!) and paying your $20 membership fee. We accept various forms of payment including: Venmo (@PSAUIUC), PayPal (treasurer@psauiuc.org), Cash, and more!

“It’s already halfway through the semester!!! Can I still join?”

Of course you can! You can become a full member once you pay your fee. However, you may have already missed the deadline to join certain programs (ex: AKA Program) in the current semester, but you’ll have the following semester to try again!

“How much is the membership fee?”

The membership fee is a flat $20. It lasts for the entire academic year, and grants you access to full membership to all PSA activities and a complimentary t-shirt!

“What does my membership fee cover?”

The Philippine Student Association is a multi-faceted organization that also emphasizes philanthropy work. A portion of the membership is used to print shirts for members while the remainder of proceeds go toward ARK, a rural development program for children in the Philippines. In other words, your money will get you a shirt, full access to join things like Barkada, road trips, FACT, FCN, AKA Program, etc. AND assist students in need.

*To learn more about ARK please visit http://ruralkids.org/ *

“If my membership fee isn’t going to the Philippine Student Association bank account, how are you guys funded?”

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Champaign-Urbana community offers a variety of funding resources (i.e. SORF) . We spend the year actively recruiting sponsors and donors to fund our events. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact treasurer@psauiuc.org!

“Where do I go to join?”

One easy way to start your life with PSA is to attend a General Assembly meeting (a.k.a. Gen Meeting)! You can learn about when our next Gen Meeting is by checking our events page or subscribing to our newsletter here.

“What is the Cube and where is it?”

The Cube is the term we use to refer to our cubicle in the Illini Union on the 2nd floor. You can hang out there, study, or just examine the artifacts we keep in there. All we ask is that you always clean up after yourself!

To get there, watch this instructional video. Courtesy of our current President.

“What benefits do I get from joining?”

The benefits are countless. Joining the Philippine Student Association is the beginning of a new world of familiar faces and family at the University of Illinois. You’ll be able to join an individual family through our sibling AKA program. You can immerse yourself in a cultural experience by learning more about Philippine history and identity at events hosted by our Awareness Chairs. Participate and even compete alongside Barkada, our cultural dance troupe, all throughout the state of Illinois! Perform at our Filipino Cultural Night. Intermingle with PSA’s from other universities through MAFA road trips or our largest event: FACT. Perhaps you’re more into athleticism? We host our own flag football tournament among other activities. There’s so much more that we offer, but you’ll have to find out what you’re most interested in yourself! Join us at our next event!

 “I’m an alumni now. What happens to my membership? How do I stay connected?”

Never fear. You may be gone but never forgotten. The Philippine Student Association works hard to maintain relations with all of its members, past and present. Our Alumni Chair is responsible for organizing alumni-related events, such as Alumni Weekend. You don’t have to do anything additional to stay connected with us, as we’ll do that work for you. You may forward any questions or concerns to alumni@psauiuc.org.


“What is the AKA program?”

The AKA program is a family program. However, it is not like typical programs on campus that offer a parental family structure with “Moms,” “Dads,” and “Children.” In the Philippines, it is common to refer to an older female as “ate” (pronounced “Ah-Teh”) or “big sister” and an older male as “kuya” (“Coo-Yah”) or “big brother” regardless of your blood relationship. “Ading” (“Ah-Ding”) is a term to describe a younger sibling. For this reason the AKA (Ate-Kuya-Ading) sibling program exists.

We mimic this cultural practice by organizing members who register for the AKA program into sibling bunches. It’s way less weird calling your colleagues “ate” and “kuya” than “mom” and “dad.” It helps make our large organization seem a little smaller and helps members get to know each other on a more personal level.

“What is FACT?”

FACT stands for Filipino Americans Coming Together. It’s an annual conference that we host that attracts delegates from all over the Midwest and beyond. Through a weekend full of workshops and shows, we offer an environment for delegates to explore their identity as it relates to the Asian American and Pacific Islander identity and learn about the history of the Philippines. There’s a variety of workshops that cannot be condensed to an FAQ section, so check out the official FACT website!

“What is MFAS?”

MFAS stands for Midwest Filipino-American Summit. It’s a conference organized by the Midwest Association of Filipino Americans (MAFA), an umbrella organization that PSA is a part of. PSA organizes a road trip to visit the hosting university. It’s a wonderful experience to promote, educate, and celebrate the Filipinx American culture within the MAFA community.

“What is FCN?”

FCN is our Filipino Cultural Night. We organize a show where members have choreographed routines and other performances for this night of cultural immersion! The performers include members and you! No dancing experience required. It is also accompanied by a Filipino Dinner. If you’ve never indulged in Filipino food before, come early and grab a plate. Filipino food goes quickly! For more information on how to get involved with coordinating, sponsoring, or participating in FCN, send and email to fcn@psauiuc.org.

“What is MOOF?”

Our Athletic Chair organizes a multitude of athletic events (while being considerate of physical limitations as well!) where members can group up and participate in sporting events. To put it plainly, MOOF (Moving Our Organizations Forward) is a volleyball tournament. Other events include Rice Bowl (a flag football tournament)  and more! Email athletic@psauiuc.org with any questions related to athletic events.

“What is BOTB?”

BOTB is a competition hosted by our sister university, the University of Illinois-Chicago. Universities and high schools bring their A-game to either compete or exhibit a cultural Filipino dance. Our Cultural Chairs (here’s one and here’s the other!) work with Cultural advisors to accurately represent Filipino folk-style dancing. If dancing isn’t your thing, there’s even a sub-section called Battalion that designs and creates the costumes and props that the dancers used. It’s an extremely serious event, but very rewarding. See our past performances on our Barkada page!

“What kind of philanthropy work does PSA do?”

Most of our event proceeds go toward some form of charity or relief fund. The Philippine Student Association doesn’t just help through its wallet however. Our Philanthropy chair coordinates volunteer work events for members to attend. One of the largest events that we’re involved in is Relay for Life. Other events include Walk for MS and more!

“What is the PSA Intern Program?”

In an effort to prepare the future leadership of the Philippine Student Association, our Secretary organizes an intern program where prospective board members learn the inner workings of the Officer Board. Through a series of workshops, interns learn more about themselves as leaders and even take on responsibilities as delegated by their mentor Officer member. If you have any interest in running for a position the subsequent year, it would be highly recommended to apply to the PSA Intern Program. You can email secretary@psauiuc.org for details.

“Does PSA have a Formal?”

Once a semester PSA hosts either a semi-Formal or Formal event. Members will dress up for a night to let loose and have fun! These events are not limited to PSA members, so bring your friends!

“Is there anything else?”

One can only scratch the surface of what PSA has to offer by going through the FAQ page. You’ll have to come out and see what more we have to offer you! See you at our next event!


“I’d like more information about the Governing Documents of PSA!”

The governing documents include the Constitution of PSA. It undergoes revisions twice a year and is digitally available here.