Session One


Network Like You Need A Job Today

Shane Carlin - Asian Student Achievement

In today's world, Asian Americans need to move into the pipeline for leadership, going to the interactive networking session with Shane Carlin, President/CEO of Asian Student Achievement ( will help you achieve to do that and find your individual brand.

SeektheThrill - Find Your Journey

John Ballesteros

The purpose of this workshop is to engage students in a discussion about the ways we are choosing to live life. When we are young, we are taught that we need to follow certain steps to be successful in life. I will challenge those steps, introduce new steps, and ask everyone to share steps that they've used to achieve what they want. This workshop is for those who seek the thrill in life and want to figure out how to do it.

Discovering Your Rags to Riches Story

Khai Vinh Ly

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone faces major obstacles life throws at us. It does not matter what those issues are. It's all about holding true to yourself, and fighting through those obstacles. Hear an epic tale of an immigrant's rags to riches, and find your own.

My Migration Story

Samahan Youth Alliance and Anakbayan Chicago

Have you ever wondered why your family migrated to the U.S.? This workshop aims to understand the factors that force people (in particular our families) to relocate to America, to share our own migration stories, contextualize it in the historical migration of Filipinos to America, and to create an understanding behind first and second generation Filipino Americans. Come join us as we create a space to discover our collective migration story!

Identity in One Entity

Cat Taylo

What does it really mean to be a part of a cultural INTEREST organization/event? Contrary to the literal definition of this conference's name and the organizations it attracts; ​you do not have to identify as Filpinx-American to ​get the most from this conference.​ ​​In this workshop, delegates will intertwine the story of FACT with their own, create a watercolor name tag that contains 3 adjectives worthy of describing their ​FACT/Fil-Am ​story and ​socialize with other delegates.​ While recommended for first-time FACT delegates, we welcome any and all who are interested in this workshop to understand the many identities coming together as one entity this FACT 2017.

Treat Yo Self 2017

Masters Organization for Volunteering and Educating in Dance/Movement Therapy (M.O.V.E.D.)

Uphold and unleash! But what about unwind? As college students, it can be inspiring to be fueled by your passions to facilitate change in the world, but without self-care, this path can lead to burnout and feelings of being overwhelmed. Some Asian-American cultures are oriented in family-centered values that individuals may have never learned what it means to be self-centered (in a good way). This workshop aims to educate about the importance of self-care, and it includes an experiential using the body through dance/movement therapy principles. This is not a dance workshop, however, some dancing may occur if it feels good in your body. Take this opportunity to unwind and treat yo self!

Ladyboys: A Conversation about Gender in the Asian Diaspora

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign LGBT Resource Center
Danny Mathews

Ideas about gender can be difficult to unpack. If your gender identity falls within parameters of what is considered normative, you may never have to examine gender and what it means. When you map culture onto the issue of gender, the conversation becomes even more complex. Challenge the western way you may understand gender and take part in this session about about "ladyboys," a commonly accepted third gender in some Asian cultures.

Heating Up, Hitting Your Mark, and Following Through: Discovering Self-Awareness & Leadership through Beer Pong 

Joanna Ramos

A major quality of being a great leader is having an understanding of self-awareness. Yet, It is so hard to pay attention to what’s going on inside or around us especially as college students, busy with trying to graduate and land a career, extracurricular involvement, friends, family, etc. Self-awareness is the root that helps us discover what we want in life and how we go about achieving it. To be a leader does not always mean holding a position; you are your own leader in life. Through the college-famed game of Beer (water) Pong, this workshop aims to cultivate and foster new and different approaches to the focus of leadership [HEATING UP], help individuals discover how they view themselves as a leader [HITTING YOUR MARK] and how they can uphold their own skills and qualities and unleash them to drive themselves towards the ultimate path of success [FOLLOWING THROUGH].

Cooking as a Political Act

Filipino Kitchen

"Food to a large extent is what holds a society together and eating is closely linked to deep spiritual experiences." - 'Consuming Passions: The Anthropology of Eating' Filipino food is a often source of pride, traditions, memories and nourishment for us Filipino Americans, but how can our cuisine tell us more about our history, our culture and our politics? In this workshop, we will ask how choices in purchasing ingredients, cooking, dining out, and eating affect one’s self, family and community… and the systems they support.

Biyahe: FINDing & Affirming your journey

The Filipino Intercollegiate Networking Dialogue Incorporated (FIND) -
Andrew Esmele

Join FIND, Inc's Executive Board and National Directors for an introduction to our network and an interactive discussion on student leadership.

Get to know our organization that represents over 70 collegiate organizations across the east coast as well as some of our leaders. We want to create a space to exchange experiences, add perspective, provide insights and share best practices. Let's share some ways that we all can get involved in our communities.

What Does Being Pinoy Mean To You?

Erika Saligan & Randall Tran

This workshop encourages delegates to reflect on and explore their identity as a Filipino or Filipino-American. Some people grew up in a large Filipino community and in a traditional Filipino-American household, while others did not. Every person has their own unique story, and with a stroke of a brush on a blank canvas, the presenters are hoping delegates will have a sense of what being pinoy means to them.


Daily Center

Daily Center's dance workshop is a demonstration of tradition, transformation, and togetherness. We uphold the traditions of our Filipinx members who naturally gravitated towards dance as a means to bond at their family events, social interactions, and school organizations. We blend that background with modern movement and the diverse styles of our non-Filipinx members to unleash a new dance experience that we would like to share with you at this event.

One Click, One Sound: A Tinikling Master Class

Xavier Hernandez

This workshop will cover the fundamentals of performing the modern Filipino American style of Tinikling. Copying off YouTube is not enough to create a routine that is both culturally relevant and artistically innovative!

Skills that will be covered include dancing outside of the sticks (waltzing, sway balances, kuradongs, and mazurkas), stick tricks (throws, transfers, flips), and advanced in-stick choreography. But more importantly, we will cover the glue that holds it all together - performance psychology and organizational logistics. Please be aware that there will be minimal dancing, in consideration of space and time. However, there will be plenty of examples and light activity for those who are willing to participate.

This workshop is strongly recommended for delegates who are Tinikling choreographers in their organizations or those who have at least 1 year experience as a Tinikling performer. However, all experience levels will be welcomed.

Martial Law, I Thought that was 45 Years Ago!

Anakbayan Chicago

Thought that martial law was a thing of the past? It’s not and it’s happening in the Philippines. The Duterte administration, in particular Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, has also used the martial law declaration in Mindanao as an excuse to suspend the peace talks between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. Duterte’s military and the paramilitary forces controlled by them continue to violate the terms of previously-signed currently binding peace agreements, which includes extrajudicial killings and warrantless arrest and detention. Duterte has even threatened to burn down award-winning schools which he claims are “communist fronts.” Learn about why it’s happening, why it matters to Filipino Americans, and what we can do about it!

Maligayang pagdating – Diversity and Inclusion from A Non-Filipino

Marquette University Bayanihan Student Organization
Mustafa Anwar

This workshop will discuss different elements of culture and diversity that play a role in student organizations that consist of both Filipino and Non-Filipino students. Understanding diversity amongst culture allows inclusivity to thrive at its finest in any community. Rather than simply identifying the different types of cultures each organization may have; this workshop will teach you various strategies on how to UPHOLD those diverse cultures and UNLEASH inclusivity in your communities.

Unleash2XS UIUC Workshop

Bo Bercasio & Andrew Liang

A dance workshop taught by Andrew Liang and Bo Bercasio, members of Daily Center as well as Dance2XS UIUC. FACT Delegates will be taught a piece of choreography created by the two, and then dance and perform it alongside others in the workshop.

Are You Even Listening to Me

Hai Pham & Reed Cabral

As leaders, we want to address the needs of the people that we are trying to lead, but how can you be sure that you understand what those needs are? This workshop will give you a more in-depth idea of what it means to be an effective listener, which will in turn allow you to become a more passionate leader.

Nonviolence: Creating Positive Peace

University of Illinois Office for Student Conflict Resolution
January Boten

We will talk about the steps and principles of nonviolence and how it has been used to create change around the world. We will also brainstorm how nonviolence could be used to make changes we hope for the future.

prePhilippine Scripts in the Diaspora

Kristian Kabuay

Hear a story about how a simple nearly extinct writing system changed the life of a typical immigrant and how writing systems are tied to cultural identity. Learn how writing systems can bring cultural, social and economic value to your life.

Chasing your Dream (Team)

Dream Team

We will be teaching a dance class featuring choreography from our brothers. We hope to challenge attendees to do something they are not comfortable with in hopes that they transition those lessons learned through dance into everyday situations. We also want to provide a judge free zone where people can experience something new, have fun, but most importantly, a room where they can express themselves.

Unleash Your Political Prowess: API Civic Engagement

Louie Vital

Did you know Asian Pacific Islanders (API) are the fastest growing minority group in America? As an underrepresented group in political life, what implications does this have for our communities? Learn why APIs and Filipino Americans are an increasingly important part of American dialogue. Understand the civic barriers to our communities, and how we can resist, fight, and unleash our civic voices. We need you now more than ever.

Filipino Food 101

Krizzia Yanga

With Filipino food on its way to become the newest "trend" in the culinary world, we, as Filipino Americans often find ourselves unknowingly expected to become the experts, ambassadors, and navigators of Filipino cuisine and culture to our curious non Filipino friends. The purpose of this workshop is to create a better understanding of our food, culture, and identity as we discuss how to be better advocates for Filipino food. Be prepared to get a little messy, this discussion will take place over a Kamayan meal where you will be expected to eat with your hands.

My Identity My Choice: The Mixed Race & Adoptee Experience

Jonathan Roberts

They call me Mestiza like I should be flattered. I have Filipino blood, skin, and hair, but I’m “basically white” because my parents are white. But finally, we have a space that’s for us: mixed race/ethnic and adopted Filipinos. Open to everyone to learn and grow, this workshop will dive into the experiences and intersectionalities of those, who are mixed and/or adopted with a Filipino focus. It’s time we talk about these unspoken experiences. They questioned my identity. But until you wake up, you will continue to see the mystery behind my skin.


Session Two


Uphold & Unleash ang Diwa ng Mangdirigma (Warrior Spirit)

Filipino Kali Eskrima Academy of Chicago
Christopher Diño

The indomitable “Warrior Spirit” of the Filipino persevered despite being under oppressive eras, foreign and domestic ruling powers, that resulted in various uprisings and revolutions. Throughout this history, this fighting spirit transformed its warrior arts to what is now known as Kali, Eskrima, and Arnis (FMA - Filipino Martial Arts). Diwa ng Magdririgma (the warrior spirit) will introduce basic movements and techniques, practical applications of several FMA art forms, discuss its historical form (its role in the Philippine revolutionary movements), and explore its current cultural impact on the Filipino identity.

Creating a sustainable Undocumented/DACAmented Action

Gioconda Guerra Perez

How to create a sustainable DACA/Undocumented Network at a predominantly white institution. What information every single student/staff/faculty must know before becoming an ally.

Reporting Bias Incidents on Your Campus

University of Illinois Office for Student Conflict Resolution
January Boten

We will discuss bias incidents that have taken place on campuses across the country. We will talk about why reporting is important for your campus and how you can follow up with a report. We will allow time for participants to share what is going on, on their campuses.

Take Back Our Education! Education Not Militarization!

Anakbayan Chicago

We’ll discuss the situation of education in the Philippines, compare it to the United States, identify ways the United States choose militarization of education, and envision what we want education to be like in the United States!

13 People: 1 House

Christina Carpio

Growing up in a multi-generational family household was chaotic at times. Between living with my mom, dad, brother, lolo’s (grandfathers), tita’s (aunt’s), tito’s (uncle’s), cousins, and family friends, you could say it was a challenge to find my own voice and break away from family expectations. In this workshop, we’ll talk about family dynamics; overcoming the challenges and barriers of being first & second generation Filipino Americans, the struggle of upholding traditions, and how we can use our experiences to unleash our true potential.

Addressing Cultural Conflicts from My Lola's Story

Kenny Importante

In June 2017, Alex Tizon’s essay on “My Family’s Slave,” created a strong reaction from across the globe after sharing the story of Eudocia Pulido, a woman who raised him and worked for his family for over 56 years. In this presentation, Kenny will address some of the historical context and cultural conflicts that led to this story and what we can draw from this dialogue. The presenter hopes to discuss class, values, and share reflections that sparked from Lola Eudocia’s story.

Stop the Killings and End Impunity: The Drug War in the Philippines and Police Violence in the United States

International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP)

From the fascist attacks of martial law or military rule in the Philippines that criminalizes Muslim and Indigenous Filipinos, extrajudicial killings in the drug war claiming the lives of over 12,000 people, and the all out war against the revolutionary movement -- to the fascist attacks in the United States targeting Palestinian human rights activists, enforcing police violence against the Black and Brown community, and forcing the undocumented immigrant community to live in fear of deportation. With the global economic crisis worsening and fascist attacks against the people increasing each day, it is imperative that we struggle against this at home and abroad. We’ll discuss all this, why it matters to the Filipino community, and what our role as Filipino and Filipino Americans is. 

Ibig Sabihin | Say with love: spoken word for ourselves and our people.

Gretchen Carvajal 

Ibig sabihin is the Tagalog translation of meaning what you say, but literally it means to say with love. This workshop will be a writing workshop where we will create spoken word poems that resonate with our identities as Filipino Americans. What does it mean to have a story? What does it mean to tell our people's story? How much weight do our words hold in English and/or Tagalog? No writing experience necessary. Explore poetry in this workshop and prepare to dig deeper and share with vulnerability with the rest of the group. If you're not down to be down, don't sign up for this! You gotta be about it to talk about it.

Stories from a Filipino Kitchen

Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations
Dr. Gigi Secuban

Explore the art of Filipino cuisine by participating in a cooking workshop with Dr. Gigi Secuban, Associate Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs. Join Dr. Secuban and her family to learn how to make her family’s recipe for a one-pot Chicken Adobo, considered by many as the Philippine’s national dish because of its popularity, ease in preparation and long storage life. You will also have an opportunity to sample Leche Flan, a traditional Filipino dessert. These recipes are easy that even budget-conscious college students can adapt these recipes into their busy lifestyle. Participants will also have an opportunity to engage in a discussion about how Filipino food shapes your understanding of the culture and makes you who you are today. Everyone will leave with a copy of the recipes and a full stomach.


Daily Center

Daily Center's dance workshop is a demonstration of tradition, transformation, and togetherness. We uphold the traditions of our Filipinx members who naturally gravitated towards dance as a means to bond at their family events, social interactions, and school organizations. We blend that background with modern movement and the diverse styles of our non-Filipinx members to unleash a new dance experience that we would like to share with you at this event.

Hustle Hard: 10 Habits of an Effective Leader

KPRC Channel 2 NBC Houston - UniPro Texas
Rose-Ann Aragon

Leadership requires the vision to build something greater than the status quo. Nothing great ever came from comfort zones. There is no better time than now to get uncomfortable, step forward, and start affecting your community.

Expect For Yourself

Jeremy Bautista

Nanay says you are "so good at"... and you should major in... Tatay thinks you're wasting your time on... and you should focus on... Tita needs help with her organization... and you're the perfect fit for the team... Your current boss has management positions open... and while it pays better... You don't have to accept someone else's expectations as your own. We'll discuss pressures faced when deciding on your college/career/life path and some ways to clarify for yourself that you're taking the path you, yourself selected.

Seen and Heard

Unseen & Unheard
Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC)

What does it mean to be a (student) leader? What does it mean to be a “good” leader, and how do we get to that point? And then–what is the legacy we leave behind after we graduate; how do we set the foundation and help bring up the next generation of leaders? How do we continue to be leaders outside of college?

Lights, Camera, Whitewash: A Dialogue on Hollywood's (Mis)Representation

Indiana University Filipino American Association
Ariana Cavallini

Throughout time and still today, we see a common theme of white actors playing the roles of characters of color, also known as "whitewashing." As members of diverse college communities who often consume popular media, it is important to have an open and honest dialogue on the issues surrounding Hollywood whitewashing and representation. By reflecting on the inequity that people of color have faced within the entertainment industry, we can better understand the importance of standing in solidarity to cultivate positive change.

Common Threads

Field Museum Co-Curation
Jerico Domingo

In this interactive program, we will explore the role of textiles—whether draped, layered, hung, or worn—as sites of artistic virtuosity, intellectual rigor, resistance, and a source of power for Filipinx weavers and textile-makers. The first part of the workshop will be a presentation addressing the diverse history of Philippine textiles and clothing through the lens of the Field Museum's collection in Chicago followed by an open discussion on the impact that weaving has in contemporary culture. The second half will be a workshop engaging participants with hands-on backstrap weaving following the textile traditions of the Philippines. Using materials provided, participants will learn how to set up a backstrap loom and how to start the weaving process. All ages and levels of experience are invited to this weaving circle.

Your Mileage May Vary: Life Beyond Your Asian Org

Annie Kim & Lihan Chen

This workshop is for anyone who has been part of a campus organization, so if you’re reading this, it’s for you. There will be sharing, reflecting, & food as we examine the confusion “adulting” can present. Our organizations are a source of growth and comfort for us in college, but what happens when we go abroad or graduate? Is it possible to “uphold” everything experienced while “unleashing” your potential to succeed in new places? We will discuss the highs & lows of life beyond our Asian orgs & tips on staying connected to your roots while using them to chase your passion (whether that be to become a K-Pop star or a surgeon, because your mileage may vary).

"I Am From" Poetry for Social Change Ice-Breaker

Emily Lawsin

This is an easy, hands-on, creative writing workshop and discussion for everyone, because everyone has a story to tell. Daily, Asian/Pacific Islander Americans are asked the daunting question, "Where Are You From?" When folks ask this, they're REALLY asking, "When Are You Going Back?" Through spoken word and storytelling, we will learn how we are HERE TO STAY, as well as what draws us individually and collectively to our past. Using a free-writing format, we will learn the art of writing a script poem, describing our neighborhoods and families. Come participate in this fun, nurturing workshop that our Detroit Asian Youth (DAY) Project has made popular for all ages, even those who previously thought that they couldn't write. Learn how you can lead this ice-breaker/popular education exercise in your own organizations and communities, while voicing your ideas in powerful ways, with your head, your heart, and your pen. 

Chasing your Dream (Team)

Dream Team

We will be teaching a dance class featuring choreography from our brothers. We hope to challenge attendees to do something they are not comfortable with in hopes that they transition those lessons learned through dance into everyday situations. We also want to provide a judge free zone where people can experience something new, have fun, but most importantly, a room where they can express themselves.

So What Are You Anyway?: Exploring Multiethnic Identities

Chris Aldana

What does it really mean to be multiethnic? How does being "mixed" affect people's perceptions of us and how we move through society? In what ways does our identity give us privilege, and how can we use this to uplift our communities? Get ready to deconstruct mixed identities through reflection, storytelling and spoken word.

A Portrait of a Mambabatok in America

Kristian Kabuay

Tattooing in the Philippines goes back a thousand years. What does it mean to us today? What are some of the issues and how do we revive this tradition?

Trending - #PinoyInTheMainstream

Jon Salvani

Filipino role models are popping up everywhere. How does that change empower you to be the next role model? We will talk about what you can do with that, how you can share that message with the next Filipino-American generations as they grow up in a society that knows about Filipinos, and your responsibility as a future Filipino-American leader to continue showing that Filipinos are COOL in this country.

Activating the Diaspora: Solving Philippine Problems Here and There

Eric Orodonez | Kaya Collaborative

The Overseas Filipino is the face of a vibrant and dynamic diasporic community worldwide, representing one of the largest or fastest growing demographics here, in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Over 12% of all Filipinos now live and work overseas. But does their connection to the Philippines end upon beginning new lives in their new homes? We in Kaya Co say no; you can always go big and go home. Our workshop explores how Filipinos in America can engage in effecting social and economic change in the Philippines, both from this home and our other.


Session Three


Conference Within A Conference

MAFA Executive Board

Each year, the MAFA Executive board hosts Conference Within a Conference (CWAC) where we facilitate and discuss pertinent issues within the MAFAsphere/amongst MAFA school board members. Discussion topics this year include but not limited to cultural awareness, social justice, organization foundation and professionalism. While CWAC is highly suggested for delegates currently serving on their respective school's officer board, all delegates are welcome to attend CWAC. We cannot wait to see you there!

Reflect our Past, Unleash our Future

Pilipino Unity for Progress (UniPro)

The goal of the workshop is for delegates to learn what are the core Filipino values, what do they mean, and how those can be applied in our daily lives. We will then reflect on the decisions we made that lead us to today. Finally, we will build the foundation that will allow delegates to unleash their full potential in order to create a positive impact in our communities that will not only go across various communities but reverberate for generations to come.

prePhilippine Scripts Hands on Baybayin Workshop

Kristian Kabuay

Learn the basics of the writing system, strokes, language shortcuts and artistic techniques to make your own calligraphy masterpiece. Learn the script history, current state, and basic/advanced ways to write.

Pin@y Timeline: This is the History that We Share

Emily Lawsin

What do you know about Pin@y -- Filipina/o American -- history? Who was your earliest ancestor in America? How do we "fit" or "not fit" into American history? What are the stories that are unique to our families? What is the history that we share? We will discuss the answers to these questions by creating an interactive timeline of our people's history. Learn how you can lead this popular education exercise in your own organizations and communities too. 

Freshmen Workshop


If you're a freshman, you will participate in a special workshop organized just for you! Get ready for a networking experience coupled with fun. You'll make friends for a lifetime and find familiar faces for future FACT conferences! This workshop is defaulted for all freshmen for Session 3.