FACT 2016 – Vshow

Doors Open at 4:00PM

$7 Without Wristband

$5 With Wristband

Free for UIUC Students with I-Card 

Meet the Emcees

Justin Sumait
Some have described him as a visionary, a true hero, a modern day renaissance man. Wait, did I say some? I meant nobody. My bad, I get those two mixed up. Justin Sumait is a current Masters of Accounting Student at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. His hobbies include reading articles posted by robots on LinkedIn, watching game play of the Jellycar iphone game, and over analyzing everything anyone's ever said to him.
Jun Zhao
A: This guy again? B: You know this guy? A: Yeah, he was emcee two years ago and Hospitality Chair for FACT just last year. B: Oh really? A: Pretty sure he is Chinese. B: Do you know where he is from, or what he does? A: He said that he was from Chicago-- like Chicago, Chicago. He is also the manager of Chatime. He hooked me up with some delicious Bubble Tea. He is very approachable and friendly. Just go up to him and introduce yourself.

Meet the Performers

Alexa Villanueva
I'm Alexa Villanueva and I'm a sophomore here at UIUC and an active member of the Philippine Student Association on campus. I've always loved singing and I owe it all to growing up in a household that never failed to have karaoke at a family party. Music is so apparent in the Philippines because it has a way of lifting spirits in the face of adversity which is why I can't wait to sing the national anthem for this year's conference!
Miguel Odron
Purdue student and Youtuber with a penchant for top 40 and cheesy 90s ballads. My channel could use a little love, so go check it out: www.youtube.com/toblerunch I'll be performing a mashup of different top 40 songs.
Reymar de Leon
Reymar De Leon is a sophomore majoring in Community Health as well as one of PSA UIUC's Filipino Culture Night Coordinators. Outside of his studies and PSA he also plays volleyball and loves to have mini jam sessions with his friends, especially with his ates and kuya.
Music has been an important part of our Filipino culture and we wanted to showcase that aspect on the stage. Singing has been a way for us to express our emotions, but more importantly, it's also been a way to express our pride for our culture. Our performance isn’t just meant for entertainment, but as motivation to embrace your own culture and be proud of who you are and where you come from. Hope you enjoy our singing performance!
INsight Crew
INsight was founded in 2008 when four friends came together to dance for fun, but since then, it has grown to be a close-knit group of 18 members. Our performance is about combining each of our individualities together to promote self-expression through collaboration.
PSA Barkada
Barkada, PSA UIUC’s cultural dance group, hopes to make connections to our Filipino roots by sharing traditional dance from different Philippine regions. The story Barkada is presenting tonight is one of a girl struggling to fuse her American and Filipino identities. Through a surreal experience, she grapples with whether or not her annual trip to her ancestral Yakan tribe is worth it, and what it means to be a part of this traditional heritage.
Loyola Kapwa
The itik-itik is a dance from Surigao. In Itik-itik (from the Tagalog word for "duck"), the dance steps imitate the movements of ducks among rice paddies and swamplands, such as wading, flying, and short, choppy steps. The theme FUSE spoke to Kapwa Cultural by taking us back to our past and reminding us that dancing is not only for adults, but for people of all ages.
TASC Special Ops
Hi! We are Special Ops! Representative of the Taiwanese American Students Club, we perform for a variety of events on and off campus. Our performances usually fuse both traditional and modern elements to showcase the different aspects of the distinguished and unique skill of the art & sport of Chinese Yo-yo (Diabolo). From trainers to old Saturday school buddies to friends on campus, many people have influenced our passion for this activity.
Noel Kunz
Noel Kunz is a professional yoyo player eager to take the stage back to where his career began. The art of yoyoing becomes lost after childhood, but this show is all about our roots. His roots as a performer, our roots with the origin of the modern yoyo, and bringing us all together by performing to new school music with an old school toy.
Emily Liebau
My name is Emily Liebau and I’m a Junior at Michigan State University majoring in International Journalism and minoring in Asian Pacific American Studies and Graphic Design. I’m currently serving my second year as Publicity Chair for PASS. My spoken word is centered around what it’s like growing up as a mestiza. The self discovery of embracing all of my roots and defining my identity through all of the struggles.
Theta Lambda Beta
Theta Lambda Beta Fraternity Inc. was founded at the University of Illinois at Chicago on September 20th, 2010. We were built upon the values of Truth, Leadership, Brotherhood, Academic Excellence, Cultural Awareness, and Fitness. Our mascot is the Great White Shark and our motto is "Strive to be the best, Rise above the Rest" We are currently the first and only existing chapter. Through stepping, we can express our passion for the fraternity.
OSU Kawayan
Our performance is a combination of the Filipino Martial Arts and a modern interpretation of the Filipino warrior spirit. Musical aspects of our performance is a fusion of different elements from different sources in which fusing different sounds and beats together in order to bring about a performance that can exemplify the mixing of modern culture and Filipino characteristics.