Workshops – Session 3

Workshop Session 3 is scheduled from 1:45PM-3:00PM

This is the format of all the workshops
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Freshman Workshop
Greg Hall 112
Chelsea Tuvilla

Freshman must take this workshop.

Adjusting Our Lenses: Rediscovering “Filipino”
Illini Union 404

How do we value our Filipino identities? Can we see beyond the limits of Western lens and “hype” culture? What will our organizations, our events, our work, and our self-worth be like if we were to focus on story, truth, and our ancestors? In this workshop, we challenge delegates to have a more meaningful approach to identifying as Filipino, and learning about our cultures through thoughtful outreach and education.

Illini Union 405

Conference Within a Conference: Relationships Inspiring Strength and Engagement
Conference Within a Conference, also known as CWAC, is a time in which young leaders are able to gain a new perspective in terms of leadership, networking, social and professional skills. It’s a moment where we try to broaden other student’s ideas and help bring them to life for now or for the future. On behalf of MAFA Board 1819, we took it up ourselves to make CWAC as interactive and interpersonal as possible. We had also decided to intertwine our philanthropy with the National Alliance on Mental Illness into one of our mini workshops and we really do hope that all of you are able to benefit ion one way, shape, or form.

Purpose. Passion. Potential. Philanthropy.
Lincoln Hall Theater
Robert Banez (The P.U.S.O. Foundation)

The workshop will consist of a a thirty-minute power point presentation that will include my 5 personal life hacks on how to life a purpose driven life. It will also include details regarding the story behind the inception of the PUSO Foundation and how the journey of life has led me to where I stand today. For the rest of the workshop we will host a q and a as well as have a few interactive activities which will include icebreakers and potentially some trivia. Students should expect to be inspired, uplifted, alive, engaged and transformed during my workshop.

The Puzzle League Experience
Illini Union 407
Puzzle League

The Puzzle League believes in confidence, inner-strength and freedom of movement; and we want you to believe in it too! Challenge yourself and dance in this workshop to find YOUR missing piece. Explore your movements and pursue something that makes you uncomfortable. Come dance with us!

Q&A / Songwriting / Music Industry
Lincoln Hall 1024
Melissa Polinar

This workshop will serve more as a Q&A for Melissa Polinar, one of our featured headliners for the FACT 2018 Variety Show. The workshop will also include information about her music, songwriting, music in general, and the industry itself.

This workshop is ONLY during Session 3 and has a maximum capacity of 30 people. Delegates will be chosen based off responses and first come first serve basis.

IN ORDER TO ATTEND THIS WORKSHOP, you must register for FACT 2018 with then form and then fill out this form. Submission will not be taken into consideration if participant has not registered for workshops.

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