Workshops – Session 2

Workshop Session 2 is scheduled from 11:15AM-12:15PM

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How Practicing an Ancient Script Can Lead to Multiple Careers
Greg Hall 329
Kristian Kabuay
Visual Arts & History

Hear a story about how discovering your identity can bring cultural, social, and economic value to your life

The Internal Bagani
Illini Union 404
Christopher Dino

The indomitable “Warrior Spirit” of the Filipino persevered despite being under oppressive eras, foreign and domestic ruling powers, that resulted in various uprisings and revolutions. Throughout this history, this fighting spirit transformed its warrior arts to what is now known as Kali, Eskrima, and Arnis (FMA – Filipino Martial Arts). “The Internal Bagani” will introduce basic movements and techniques, practical applications of several FMA art forms, discuss its historical form (its role in the Philippine revolutionary movements), and explore its current cultural impact on the Filipino identity.

Improving Intergenerational Communication
Lincoln Hall 1066
Family Relationships

Too often, Asian American Pacific Islander students find themselves at a loss on how to communicated to older generations about general or their own mental health topics. Language barriers and social stigmas often prevent these discussions from happening. This workshop breaks down issues surrounding the lack of conversation within families about mental health, and seeks to provide resources and solutions for better inter-generational communication.

Basics on Growing & Planting Seeds of Power
Greg Hall 215
Desi Bote
Self & Social Justice

How can we can start to be our best selves and still recognize our individual powers, and, the power that we can have with others? Not only is it essential to find both these powers, but it takes nurturing, support, and a lot of sunlight to make your movements a beautiful and sustainable garden. This workshop will go through ways in which you can build and redefine power within your communities with the people around you, and how you can start from grassroots and upwards to create lasting change. Be prepared to talk about what you do to organize yourself and the communities around you, and what you care about.

Dios Ko (My God): How Filipino American Identity and Christian Faith Work Together
Lincoln Hall 1064
Kapwa Intervarsity

Most Filipino Americans (and Filipinos) self-identify as Christians, at least on special occasions. At the same time, Christianity has earned itself a bad reputation for many reasons. Is Christian faith merely a set of traditions around family life? Worse yet, is Christianity nothing more than an oppressive weapon from our colonial past? In this workshop, we will explore how following Jesus can actually strengthen Filipino American identity AND how healthy ethnic and racial understanding give us resources to build community and work for justice.

Cooking for the Diaspora: Food Discussion on Filipino Food
Lincoln Hall 1022
Natalia Roxas (Filipino Kitchen)
Culinary Arts

The workshop will help us reflect on our relationship on Filipino food, history, health and community. We will be learning about the historical & present-day connection between globalization, forced migration, and our food & food ways.

Power Yoga: Strengthen from Within
YMCA (on campus)
Vanessa Rae De Leon & Karen Lum
Health & Fitness

Unroll your yoga mat for an invigorating full-body flow where you’ll explore the yoga postures and fundamental principles of Vinyasa yoga. This workshop is set to inspiring music, and is a foundation-building yoga class that will work every muscle through movement and breath at a moderate, but intuitive pace. By strengthening from within, you can power your ego chakra to realize your ambition, embrace your authentic self, and be the leader you’re meant to be. What to Bring: a bottle of water, a towel, and a yoga mat. Wear fitted workout clothes, ideally ones that wick away moisture. Beginner friendly!

Greg Hall 205
Christina Carpio
Social Justice

We’ll be examining racism and sexual violence in pop culture, the role media plays in perpetuating Asian stereotypes, and the history of the sex trade industry.

The Drug War in the Philippines
Lincoln Hall 1028
Joshua Aguilar & Bev Tang (Chicago Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines)
Social Justice

From the fascist attacks of martial law, or military rule, in the Philippines that criminalizes Muslim and Indigenous Filipinos, extrajudicial killings in the drug war claiming the lives of over 20,000 people, and the all out war against the revolutionary movement — to the fascist attacks in the United States targeting Palestinian human rights activists, enforcing police violence against the Black and Brown community, and forcing the undocumented immigrant community to live in fear of deportation. With the global economic crisis worsening and fascist attacks against the people increasing each day, it is imperative that we struggle against this at home and abroad. We’ll discuss all this, why it matters to the Filipino community, and what our role as Filipino and Filipino Americans is.

From Gabriela Silang to #BabaeAko: The Fight for Women’s Rights & Liberation in the Philippines
Lincoln Hall 1024
Love Jordan & Kate Oco (Gabriela Chicago)
Social Justice

From leading rebellions to fighting for reparations and waging revolutions, Filipinas have historically shown that their place is in the struggle for genuine liberation of both women and the nation. This can be seen most recently in the global campaign, #BabaeAko (I am a woman), which caught the world’s attention for its sharp criticism of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s current regime. I am a woman, is not just a hashtag. It is a proclamation of the pain and trauma we have endured, but also our collective strength and resilience because the struggle for women’s rights and liberation IS the struggle against state violence. These macho-fascists don’t know who they’re dealing with!

A Modern-Day Look at the Triple Constraint
Greg Hall 217
Marc Anthony Bernabe & Christopher Vinzons
Identity & Work

What makes a modern-day college student different from other people? They say that you can only pick 2 out of the 3 when in college: Sleep, Grades, and Social Life. However, we know there’s more to it than just that. So, what does it really take to do things in this era? We are here to show that even though life can give you many obstacles, dreaming and the ambition to succeed are just two things that you need to realize your full potential. Welcome to A New Era, where we will delve into the aspects of Teamwork, Perspective, Initiative, Motivation, Balance, and Reaching From Within.

#RelationshipGoals: Understanding the Influence of Filipino and Filipino-American Culture
Lincoln Hall 1027
Nikko Sadural & Jacqueline Tualla

The vision of this workshop is to give delegates an understanding of the Filipino and Filipino-American cultural influence on how they treat their significant others. Through this they hope to support delegates in developing the capability and confidence to communicate effectively in order to build healthier, positive relationships. This workshop challenges delegates to explore the meaning of romantic relationships in their lives and understand the expectations of their significant others and themselves. Delegates will be able to grow in their abilities to resolve both interpersonal and internal conflict while appreciating the impact that their culture has made.

A Common Struggle: Building & Finding Your Creative Community
Greg Hall 221
Charmaine Balisalisa, Alex Wen, Walter Maybell, & Ashish Valentine (commonfolk)
Visual Arts

Our workshop is designed to inspire delegates to demonstrate and celebrate the creative energy that exists within themselves and everyone, then discuss the ways we can effectively use that energy to help themselves and others within the context of collegiate programs as well as beyond. This is for anyone who’s ever wanted to create *anything*—whether it’s an event or an app, a choreography or a clothing line, a song cover or a book—or if you’re just curious about what you *could* create.

Tatay Issues: Often Overlooked, but Never Forgotten
Greg Hall 207
Jonathan Roberts
Visual Arts

Daddy issues, or otherwise known as, “The Father Complex”, are often unconscious associations or impulses relating to a father figure. Although it is often joked about because of its high rate of reliability, it’s actually a very real and serious subject that is minimally addressed for analysis and solution in spaces such as our academics or media. Whether you have one father, multiple fathers, no father, or a semi-present father, we’re going to dive deep into how they have affected you and shaped your life (both good and bad).

Bakit, Why?
AACC Lounge
Joanna Ramos, Mary Caberos, & Roslyene Augustin

Our goals for the future are what drives us to do what we need to do in order to achieve success. But how do we get there? What is the difference between talent and hard work? This workshop is designed to help delegates self-reflect and discover their strengths and abilities as an individual to determine their “why”.

Who Are We Meant to Be?
Greg Hall 325
Carmel Bumaa & Jasmine Cuasay

“When you label somebody [you] put them in a box, then you put the lid on the box, and you just never look inside again.”- Stephanie Beatriz

Our two part workshop will analyze the cause and effects of stereotypes about Filipinos. Knowing how and why these beliefs exist will help those in the Filipino community to realize their own individuality in life and in their career path.

Risk and Reward, Listening To Yourself
Greg Hall 213
Jofred Estilo & Jonny Fan

The workshop will be more so of an open conversation about fear and overcoming that fear. We’ll also touch on breaking stereotypes and how Asian/Asian American traditions can either build you up or hold you back. The main focus is self growth and building student’s confidence while realizing its OK to not be where you want to be in this exact moment.

Purpose. Passion. Potential. Philanthropy.
Lincoln Hall 1092
Robert Banez (The P.U.S.O. Foundation)

The workshop will consist of a a thirty-minute power point presentation that will include my 5 personal life hacks on how to life a purpose driven life. It will also include details regarding the story behind the inception of the PUSO Foundation and how the journey of life has led me to where I stand today. For the rest of the workshop we will host a q and a as well as have a few interactive activities which will include icebreakers and potentially some trivia. Students should expect to be inspired, uplifted, alive, engaged and transformed during my workshop.

Create Your Own K-Pop Group
Illini Union 210
Prism Kru

Delegates will learn a short piece choreographed by the directors of Prism Kru. They will be split into smaller groups and work with each other to make formations and perform it at the end of the workshop.

Traditions & Tattoos of Maui in the Philippines
Lincoln Hall 1002
Lane Wilcken
Visual Arts & History

Although centuries of Spanish colonialism has nearly wiped out his memory, the demigod Maui, now popularized in the Disney film, “MOANA” was once a very important figure in the Philippines. Known by the Filipino variation of his name, “Lumauig,” he is credited with bringing important foods to the Philippines. These and other feats of Maui/Lumauig were recorded as tattoos upon our ancestors.

Teamwork Makes the Dream work…shop!
Illini Union 406
Dream Team

Dance is how we express ourselves as creators, artist, and as people. We wanted to share our passion with those around. This course will be a choreography workshop taught by the members of Dream Team. Our goal to provide a safe space for dancers, new and old, to express themselves through movement.

Let’s talk about the news…
Lincoln Hall 1065
Rose-Ann Aragon
Public Speaking

What are your first impressions when you watch the news? It seems this day in age, news has its own stereotypes. Now more than ever, media and its credibility is being challenged. However, our responsibilities as journalists never change. This workshop will be an interactive discussion about news in the 21st century, information and insight into how news is gathered, how to use it, how to filter it and understand how it works. Media just like anything else is a tool that can be powerful and useful to those who have stories that can impact a community.

Huwag Kang Maarte: Practicing Self-Care as a Leader Through Art-Therapy
Greg Hall 315
Abby Mendoza & Kayla Ylagan
Mental Health

“Huwag kang maarte” is a common phrase in many Filipinx households; once meaning “artsy”, “maarte” now describes a high-maintenance, bratty or whiny individual. Often, it’s used passively to ignore a youth’s mental and physical health struggles. Mental health and illness has long been taboo in the Asian Pacific Islander Desi-American (APIDA) community, and especially within the Filipinx community. Many young Asian-Americans neglect self care, and are often the victim of heightened stress, anxiety, or mental illness as a result. Through this workshop, we aim to remind everyone to take care of themselves and practice self-care, especially as this community’s future leaders. In conjunction with this year’s theme for FACT, “Kayang Abutin”, our workshop “‘Huwag Kang Maarte’ | Practicing Self-Care as a Leader through Art Therapy” encourages attendees to rise to the challenge of self-care and to combat the stigma against mental health.

“MERON KA BANG INSTAGRAM?!” – Social Media vs. Society
Greg Hall 307
J.R. Ellasos
Social Media

“Different color my passport, Instagram my stack load, hashtag my day wear, and your girl drink my care” – Childish Gambino

Not all of us can live the life of a modern day Renaissance man like Donald Glover, but we can sure flex on the gram like we do! Nowadays the question isn’t whether or not we DO social media but HOW we do it. This workshop will delve deeper into how social media and technology has shaped our lives, best practices, and what the future holds for us as social media presence takes precedence in society.

How to effectively provide institutional support to Undocumented/DACAmented Students in a time of political turmoil
Greg Hall 311
Gioconda Guerra Perez
Social Justice

During this workshop participants will be able to learn how to effectively advocate for institutional support for undocumented/DACAmented students in their campuses. In the last couple of years, DACAmented students and undocumented families have struggled to survive due to the current political turmoil that often dehumanize them. This workshop will help students to move the issue from a political disruptive argument to a global human rights issue.