Workshops – Session 1

Workshop Session 1 is scheduled from 9:50AM – 11:00AM

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Strength from Within: Family food traditions in the Filipino Community
Dr. Gigi Secuban
Culinary Arts

Join us for a workshop to learn about how you can ‘rise from within’ by filling your soul with good Filipino food. As we know, Filipino food is a carry-over from the Philippines to the United States and many families use food as a tool to adjust to a new culture and ensuring that long-standing family food traditions carry on into the next generation. Join Dr. Secuban and her family as we explore family food traditions and participate in the annual cooking workshop with easy Filipino recipes to take with you.

Creativity & Collaboration: A Useful Tool for Innovative Minds
Greg Hall 327
Jess Bautista & Peter Hong
Visual Arts & History

If you’re a creative thinker looking for your next portfolio piece, or simply a visionary who likes a challenge, let me introduce you to a great tool for your innovative mind! In this session, you will work with others to combine different ideas and transform them into something completely new. No art skills necessary—open minds, collaborative energy, and good vibes only! Who says you need to BE a designer in order to THINK like one?

Public Speaking Techniques from a TEDx Speaker
Lincoln Hall 1090
Shane Carlin

Participants in this workshop will practice key techniques for becoming a more effective public speaker. This workshop will be highly interactive, memorable, and applicable to presentations for class, leadership roles within your student organizations, and in your future careers. The session will be personalized just for FACT participants.

Mental Health and Self Identity
Lincoln Hall 1066
Mental Health

Participants will explore their internal and external identities and how that may impact their own mental health and wellness. Participants will learn how to empower themselves through appreciation of their heritage and strengths. After being able to identify who they are, participants will learn how mental health is an essential component of their personal development. Last, participants will learn about fellow Asian American perspectives and how this can increase their capacities to talk about their identities, mental health, and Asian American issues.

How to Cure your Cultural Hangover
Lincoln Hall 1000
Walbert Castillo

If all you knew and consumed was within your own social circle, how does that affect your storytelling? Words, thoughts and ideas presented in a way that engages listeners’ emotions are what carries stories. So, why does the diversity of culture matter when dictating the truth and most importantly, your narrative in today’s America? Here’s how.

Sharing Our Stories From Within
Greg 317
Kenny Importante

At the start of every academic year, new students bring in their distinct upbringing and experiences to college campuses. Filipino Americans students raised by their family and their community bring with them a sense of cultural values. In this workshop, the presenter hopes to identify these sets of cultural values and how to utilize these as strengths through lessons learned from their household. In addition, the presenter aims to discuss familial bonds and unique life experiences students have gone through to make sense of their Filipino-American identity. This workshop will encourage participants to reflect on their upbringing and practice sharing their stories with others.

#Respekpek*: Let’s talk consent and healthy (sexual) relationships
Greg Hall 307
Cat Taylo

“Do you want to have sex?” Those aren’t words that roll off the tongue in the heat of the moment. Yet we normalize and pass off comments that sexualize and degrade others. In this workshop, we will explore the differences between sexual assault, harassment, abuse, stalking, how to address these issues when it comes to you and/or someone you love, as well as outline common toxic perspectives in Filipino culture that normalize and validate misogyny. *Hashtag geniously created by Rzl Arceo

Righting Our Story: Improvised Spoken Word
Greg Hall 221
Chris Aldana & TJ Simba Medel
Spoken Word

This interactive Improvised-Spoken Word workshop is designed to focus on who we are as individuals and how our stories connect us, empower us, and ultimately strengthen our communities. Facilitators Chris Aldana and TJ Medel will lead delegates in writing, improv, and ensemble exercises that focus on the self, and how we extend into the community. Bring water, wear clothes you can move in, and a notebook that you love.

Risk and Reward, Listening To Yourself
Greg Hall 213
Jofred Estilo & Jonny Fan

The workshop will be more so of an open conversation about fear and overcoming that fear. We’ll also touch on breaking stereotypes and how Asian/Asian American traditions can either build you up or hold you back. The main focus is self growth and building student’s confidence while realizing its ok to not be where you want to be in this exact moment.

AscenDANCE: Rise From Within Your Body’s Wisdom
Illini Union 405
Vanessa Rae De Leon & Karen Lum
Health & Fitness

Prepare to ascend through the healing vortex of this Dance/Movement Therapy workshop! Join Dance Movement Guru, Vanessa Rae De Leon for a holistic journey of warm-up, exploration, immersion, and reflection.
To rise from within is to confront the fears that inhibit us from living a rich and abundant life; to drop the labels and expectations to simply be human; and to access our body’s infinite wisdom in creative ways to cultivate balance, beauty, and the flow of energy from the dance inside. Emerge from this workshop with a felt sense of authenticity to connect with others with compassion and make a difference in your community. It all starts from within the body. So let’s get started.
For more information on Dance/Movement Therapy, please click the following link:

Decolonize Your Mind: Colonial Mentality in Education
Greg Hall 205
Diana Balitaan & Renae Encinas (Anakbayan Chicago)
Social Justice

In “The Miseducation of the Filipino,” historian Renato Constantino wrote that “The most effective means of subjugating a people is to capture their minds.” We see colonial mentality today demonstrated through skin whitening products, an emphasis on perfect English, and a stronghold on the American dream. Join us as we explore colonial mentality since the dawn of Spanish and American colonization, the ways colonial mentality affects us today, and how we can fight for an education that truly serves the Filipino people.

Environmental Justice: From Charity To Solidarity

Greg Hall 311
Edmund Buni & Paula Camaya (Kabataan Alliance)
Social Justice

The Philippines is hit by 10 typhoons every year. People in the US are familiar with Typhoon Haiyan. The most recent one that hit the Philippines is Typhoon Ompong which killed 78 in Itogon, Benguet and 60 in Naga, Cebu. Let us learn how these natural disasters are exacerbated by plundering the environment and what we can do. As Filipinos in the diaspora, how can we give back to our Kababayan (fellow Filipinos) hit by these Typhoons? And find ourselves in the process. Let us take steps to offer relief and rebuild from the devastation in our motherland. Kabataan Alliance is a national alliance of Filipino youth and student organizations dedicated to serving our communities in the US and Philippines. Hear more about our annual mission trips back to the Philippines and what steps you can take to help.

Our Migration Story
Greg Hall 215
Gilary Valenzuela (Migrante Chicago)
Social Justice

Why do over 6000 Filipinos leave the Philippines everyday in search of a better life? This workshop aims to understand the factors that force Filipinos to relocate to America, to share our own family’s migration stories, and to come to a common understanding as Filipino immigrants and Filipino Americans. Come join us as we create a space to discover our collective migration story!

The Creative Effect
Greg Hall 113
Nicholas Vo
Visual Arts

As kids creativity was easy. We created these crazy games, told these adventurous stories, drew these unimaginable pictures, and brought this creative aspect to life. But what about now? In this workshop we will be talking about what society and Asian culture has done to our creativity and how being creative can bring a better experience whether is in the work place, school, relationships, or anything else in life. We will also be doing some creative activities to get the juices flowing again.

Memes Not Just Dreams: Success Through Collaboration
Lincoln Hall 1024
Jake Reniva

“Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday you said tomorrow. So just do it!”

EastMeetsWest: Breaking Out of the Asian-Dating Diaspora
Lincoln Hall 1027
Prescott Ha, David Oriz, Vince Pacatang, & Thomas Hoang

EastMeetsEast? How about EastMeetsWest. Instead of navigating within our diaspora, we aim to pioneer ships to embark on a journey to explore and embrace diversity, finding our partner regardless of their ethnic background. This is often met with adversity as crashing waves and storms become obstacles thrown at us from mainstream media, family/culture values, and passive or even blunt racism. But fear not, resistance of any kind will not deter us, as we aim to crash into its shores with our ships full of discussion to overcome the chains wrought upon us from previous government legislation, negative media representation, and the shaming we sometimes endure from our family, friends, or environment.

Mahalin Mo Sarili Mo: Loving Yourself Through Mental Illness
Greg Hall 325
Kyla Cano & Mary Gisselle Herran
Mental Health

As A/PIAs, we’ve grown up with the stigma of mental illness, with the idea that it is not a valid health issue. Today, as college students, we see that mental illness affects most of our every day lives, but we are afraid to speak upon it. This workshop serves to eliminate the stigma that we’ve grown up with and foster an open, safe space for us to be able to talk about mental health. As a group we will discuss our A/PIA upbringings revolving mental health and learn how to get support from others and most importantly, ourselves, to better cope with mental illness.

How to Tell Your Asian American Story
Greg Hall 321
Colin Lucero-Dixon

This workshop will mainly be split into three parts; watching other Asian Americans tell their stories, discussion of what they did and how they did it, and using the previous two parts to learn to tell your story. In this workshop we will be looking at comedians like Ali Wong, Jo Koy, and Aziz Ansari, writers like Alan Yang and Mindy Kaling, and TV Dramas/Comedies like Fresh Off the Boat and Master of None to see how they have found success in media. We will then try and use those materials as inspiration for developing narratives that we can take with us past the workshop.

Purpose. Passion. Potential. Philanthropy.
Lincoln Hall 1092
Robert Banez (The P.U.S.O. Foundation)

The workshop will consist of a a thirty-minute power point presentation that will include my 5 personal life hacks on how to life a purpose driven life. It will also include details regarding the story behind the inception of the PUSO Foundation and how the journey of life has led me to where I stand today. For the rest of the workshop we will host a q and a as well as have a few interactive activities which will include icebreakers and potentially some trivia. Students should expect to be inspired, uplifted, alive, engaged and transformed during my workshop.

Create Your Own K-Pop Group
Illini Union 210
Prism Kru

Delegates will learn a short piece choreographed by the directors of Prism Kru. They will be split into smaller groups and work with each other to make formations and perform it at the end of the workshop.

Stop, Drop, and Flow!
Illini Union 404
Manny Garcia

Life can be a lot! This all-levels yoga and meditation workshop will teach you how to harness your breath, body, and movement to reground and reconnect to your own inner strength. So stop what you’re doing, drop everything else, and flow with your breath to take care of you! Come dressed to move. Mats encouraged, but not required.

Teamwork Makes the Dream work…shop!
Illini Union 406
Dream Team

Dance is how we express ourselves as creators, artist, and as people. We wanted to share our passion with those around. This course will be a choreography workshop taught by the members of Dream Team. Our goal to provide a safe space for dancers, new and old, to express themselves through movement.