FACT 2017 Is HERE!  On-Site Registration will open at 4:00PM on November 3rd! If you can no longer attend please fill out this form.

If you believe you have registered and have not received and email, we have your name and may have an incorrect email.  We've still got you covered, just show up! On-site registration will be available until workshop capacities have been reached.


We invite you to join us for our
25th Annual Conference


What is FACT?

F.A.C.T. stands for Filipino Americans Coming Together.
It is an annual conference hosted by the Philippine Student Association at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It is the largest gathering of Filipino American Student leaders and young professionals in the Midwest with over 1500+ delegates representing 30+ Universities from states across the country.

FACT focuses on promoting self-awareness, cultural identity, leadership, and professionalism through a cultural scope and appreciation. Through the exploration of Filipinx, Filipinx-American, and Asian American issues, FACT aims to uplift youth and engage action on a large scale in the community.

This year's theme is "Uphold & Unleash." Centered around reflection and action, we hope that delegates start examining their thoughts, values, and lessons learned from the past. By aiming to uphold our history, leaders of the Filipinx/Fil-Am/Non-Filipino communities can then collectively discover the strengths and weaknesses that define us, causes that invigorate us, and ambitions that compel us. Together as one, we can unleash the inner power and potential that every individual has and push for change that cascades across all generations.

Uphold & Unleash brings in the idea of movement and power. The yellow is focused on Uphold to represent honor, reflection, and light, while Unleash is a powerful red shade that compels potential. While Uphold has a more straight brush stroke, Unleash has an expanded stroke to mirror the rays of the Philippine sun and the fire within us. The cursive letters show movement with each brush stroke exemplifying our FACT delegates making a splash into the world.