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This year’s theme…

… for the 26th Annual Filipino Americans Coming Together Conference is “Kayang Abutin: Rise from Within.” The Tagalog phrase “Kayang Abutin” means “to be able to reach;”  directly after this comes the phrase “Rise from Within.”

As the Philippine Student Association at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign celebrates its 100th Anniversary, we remember how its founders saw potential within themselves to RISE UP and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their community. To continue their legacy, we are encouraging the upcoming leaders of the Filipino/Fil-Am/Non-Filipino communities to take the same initiative to realize their ambitions and rise up to the challenge of pursuing those dreams.

Our goal is to inspire delegates by reminding them that “Kayang Abutin;” by supporting and strengthening one another, they can reach anything they set their minds to and rise above any obstacles they encounter.

Providing Unconditional Service to Others (P.U.S.O.)

This year, we have partnered with the P.U.S.O Foundation founded by Robert Banez in April of 2017 that started with a vacation to the Philippines turning into a remarkable self-organized mission trip; and it hasn’t stopped there.

After just one year, The P.U.S.O Foundation’s strength and reach has grown and growing significantly. Their impact has reached colleges throughout the U.S. and hasn’t stopped there. Partnering globally to attain an international outreach, the P.U.S.O Foundation is just getting started.

Their mission is “to provide hope with a purpose, aiming to empower those living in underserved areas throughout the world. Whether it is through providing basic necessities of life or facilitating extracurricular activities, their vision is to plant the seed of hope and possibility in people; that grows to be the catalyst to change their lives!”

If are interested, go to their website and see how you can make a difference: visit https://www.pusofoundation.org/

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