Dare to Be is centered around inspiring leaders to challenge themselves to have conviction in who they are, strive for their reality, and have the courage to inspire. We must take steps towards what we are passionate about and be. Be more than what is expected and dare to take on the risks. Whether it be through cultural awareness or professional networking, find the aspect that is important to you and be it. Dare to be you. Dare to be your reality. Dare to be the difference. 


What is FACT?

                    ▶︎ FACT stands for Filipino Americans Coming Together

                    ▶︎ We are a Filipino-interest Conference

                    ▶︎ We offer workshops that explore culture and identity as a rising generation

                    ▶︎ Our mission is to Educate our delegates on:

                                  • becoming professionals in the world 

                                  • giving back to the community

When is FACT?

November 6 - 8, 2015◀︎

Where is FACT?

University of Illinois Urbana - Champaign◀︎

Variety Show

Maybe Free.

All University of Illinois students are free for the variety show. For non UIUC students your entrance fee for the variety show is dependent on how many workshops you attend during the day. Be sure to attend ALL of your workshops as well as opening ceremonies in order to ensure the greatest discount.



Yes, it's free.

Registration for FACT 2015 is now CLOSEDThere will be  two other opportunities to register before the conference begins.

  1. Friday, Nov. 6 from 4PM-10PM  at the Asian American Cultural Center.
  2. Saturday, Nov. 7 from 7:15AM - 9:30AM at the YMCA .


Also free.

There will be 3 sessions and you get to pick which ones you want to be in. It's first come first serve so register early! Workshop descriptions are below.

Want to plan ahead? Figure out what you're going to be doing with the conference schedule!