VP Internal 2010-2011

Eric Anthony Abasolo

As the Vice President Internal, I work as a liaison to both the YMCA and U-C Community organizations. In addition to this, I create fun, exciting events between classes as well as head the Ate/Kuya/Ading program. It’s also my job to shoot laser beams out of my eyes.

Nicknames: Enrique, Rico, Abasulu, Grizzly Bear, Homeless Man

Birthday: December 30th, 1989

Class & Major: Class of 2012 (Dirty Dozen), Molecular and Cellular Biology

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ate’s Jemma Lopez and Gizelle Peters, Kuya’s Eugene Mendoza and Alan Wong, and Ading’s Brian Panganiban and Chloe Cachola

Hobbies: Listening to Sweet Beats & Watching 3-Peats

Funny moment in college: I once watched Ed Cay eat a burrito for 15 minutes. I don’t know if he knows that.

Favorite PSA event: Cornfusion & Fashion Show