Brian Azul Panganiban

Handles the money of PSA. Promotes frugal spending and is a liaison for the F’s.

Nickname: Smiles, BP, B-Pan, Bri, Brian

Birthday: March 29th

Class & Major: So Clean 13 (Junior Status) & Business-Accounting

Ates, Kuyas, & Adings: Ate Stephanie Camba, Ahteh Kate Oco, Cool-ya Eric Abasolo, Kuya David Harbin, Kuya Ed Cay. Ading Juan Alhambra, Ading Jay Escala, Ading Karen Rondero, Ading Jeselle “Jobo” Obina.

Hobbies: Wouldn’t you like to know. They consists of basketball, video games, computering, making videos, ridiculous amounts of television, and hopefully studying.

Favorite PSA Event: FACT is the most influential event (a MUST-GO to). Any AKA event really gets you bonding with close & entire families of PSA. Fashion Show practices. Ice Cream Social. And finally, Brian Panganiban’s World Famous Final Four Class Basketball Tournament.

Advice to Freshmen: Cherish it. Enjoy every moment. Utilize every moment. Anytime you think there’s something better/more productive/more fun to do at that moment, YOU ARE COMPLETELY CORRECT. Go out there and find it.

Random Fact: First people I official met that made me want to join PSA were Alumni Rachel Jamora, my now Kuya Dave Harbin, & Christine Centeno in the front of ISR. First thought: two cute girls & an awesome black guy? I’m SO game to join PSA. Realized: PSA has introduced me to some of the greatest, amazing people I’ll ever meet in college and such a joy to be a part of. Without PSA in my life, my college experience wouldn’t have been complete.

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