Vircell C. Dayap
One of the most important aspect about my position is that I run the Intern Program. This is where I help mold and prepare the future officers and leaders of this wonderful organization. Some of the other stuff I do is recording notes during officer meetings, create booklets for FACT/Fashion Show, and organizing the Cube.

Nicknames: V, Vman, Vircellis

Birthday: 8/2/1990

Class & Major: Class of 2012 “Dirty Dozen” | Media and Cinema Studies Major/History Minor

Ates, Kuyas, Adings: Kuyas: DJ Ollie Mayapis & Jason Chan, Littles: Steven Mapaye, Marz Rivera, Ralph Mendiola, Daniel Guico, Raul de los Reyes, Derick Manliclic, and Shannen Bueno.

Hobbies: Video Games, Sports, Eating, Videography, & being a Pokémon Master

Favorite PSA Event: FACT, Rice Bowl, & Battle of the Bamboo

Advice to Freshmen: Work out & don’t be emo. Also, go to the Cube.

Random Fact: Rap/Hip Hop is my favorite genre of music.

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