Eddie Salinas

Year in school: Senior – Fly One-Five
Major: Supply Chain Management and ISIT

Who are you? What can you tell us about yourself?
Eddie has been in heavily involved with PSA. He has preformed in numerous Battle of the Bamboo competitions, coordinated the 2013 Filipino Cultural Night’s modern scene and serves as a loving kuya/ading. Outside of PSA, Eddie loves to dance and is a longtime member of Dance 2XS UIUC. Other descriptors include Bulls Fan, Thrift Addict, Swoldier, & Raja the Kid.

Why did you join PSA and what made you stay?

I wanted to join to dance with Barkada and make friends! I stayed because of the relationships I’ve built with my class and my lovely AKA’s.

Why did you become an officer and what plans do you have in store for PSA next year?

I became an officer to give back to an org that has given me so much. I plan to coordinate the most enjoyable FACT conference to date and serve as a role model to my fellow members.

What advice do you have for others?

At the end of the day, do what you love and make sure you learn from it.

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