We are Barkada

PSA Barkada is a cultural dancing group that celebrates Filipino culture and identity through music, dance, and storytelling. We welcome dancers and non-dancers of all skill levels, and serve to create a tight-knit community within PSA. Our talents spread across cultural dancing choreography, costume-making, and traditional music performance.

Barkada participates in events year-round - most notably, at FACT and Battle of the Bamboo, hosted by FIA at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In addition, we perform at various events around campus and within the Champaign-Urbana community, collaborating with other organizations such as the Asian American Association at UIUC and the Filipino American Association of East Central Illinois.

The Barkada legacy has continued for years as an integral part of the PSA experience. If you are interested in joining Barkada, please fill out our interest form! More details are coming soon.

Want to add a spice to the bland taste of Zoom University? Come dance with us for the FACT 2020 virtual performance!

Our Cultural Chair

Raymond Bernardo

Cultural Co-Chair

Ricardo Ramirez

Cultural Co-Chair