Our Board Emails

 President, Caitlin Sonica Battung: president@psauiuc.org

Vice President Internal, Alexandria Monsaludvpinternal@psauiuc.org

Vice President External, Jules Suarezvpexternal@psauiuc.org

Secretary, Jean Carlossecretary@psauiuc.org

Treasurer, Janine Pasquali: treasurer@psauiuc.org

Questions for exec in general?  Email execs@psauiuc.org

Alumni, Charlene Daphne Balisalisa: alumni@psauiuc.org

Athletic, Marc Casco: athletic@psauiuc.org

Awareness, Erica Joy Agudelo and KC Raguay: awareness@psauiuc.org

Cultural, Ricardo Ramirez and Raymond Bernardo: cultural@psauiuc.org

 Publicity, Sarah Grinen and Gia Pendonpublicity@psauiuc.org

Philanthropy, Kat Asejo: philanthropy@psauiuc.org

Social, Emily Bautista: social@psauiuc.org

 Webmaster, Renzo Ledesma: webmaster@psauiuc.org

FACT Coordinators, Caitlyn Añonuevo and Joselle Escobarfact@psauiuc.org

FCN Coordinators, Joaquin Lainson, Abby Masucol, and Keeion Racelisfcn@psauiuc.org

Formal, Angela Cabreraformal@psauiuc.org

Need to find us in person? Go to the cube!

Where's the cube?

The cube is in the Illini Union! You can find it by going up the stairs to the second floor by the southwest entrance of the Union (by Auntie Anne’s), and taking a right into the RSO complex. 

Need an officer?

Officers hold cube hours inside the actual cubicle that PSA uses. Each cubicle is numbered, so find #15 and you should be able to see one of us there.

Where do we hang out?

PSA members hang out by the furthest table from the entrance to the stairs, just before the student government area!