Co-Publicity | Paolo Araneta

      Paolo Araneta         

Class of 2016  |  Supreme ’17

Civil Engineering  |  Minor in Urban Planning

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What makes PSA special to you?

The passion. I’ve never seen another RSO, or really, any other group of people, who care so much for each other and for what they accomplish together. In college, I think it’s incredibly difficult for your earnestness and conviction to shine through. But this is not the case for PSA and its people. I’m always impressed with their display of heart, whether it comes from seniors or freshmen, officers or general members, Filipinos or non-Filipinos.


Why did you join PSA? 

I joined because three of my relatives (my sister and two cousins) were already in the org. I stuck around because the people were so awesome.


Who are you really?  

I’m just another person trying to find his way in this weird thing we call life.


What would you do differently if you knew that no one was judging you?