Co-Cultural | Chelsea Tuvilla

Chelsea Tuvilla

Class of 2018  |  A-Team ’18

Molecular and Cellular Biology

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Describe yourself in 3 words?

Barkada. Is. Love.

Why did you join PSA?

I joined PSA because my brother made me and would have be mad if I didn’t, but look where I’m at now! I fell in love with the familial atmosphere PSA offers and all the love and support my heart gets filled with everyday through the AKA Program and Barkada. Join Barkada! #shamelessplug


What do you love about PSA?

PSA is my life. My love. My home. My baby. It gave me an opportunity to continue doing what I love: dancing, eating, and spending time with some awesome and amazing people.


Favorite PSA event?

FACT Variety Show