Co-Awareness | Jose Dizon

Jose Dizon

Class of 2018  |  A-Team ’18

Global Studies

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Why did you join PSA?

I was completely on my own when I first came into U of I, as I just moved in from Los Angeles. I didn’t know anyone, so I wanted to explore around. One of the organizations that I had heard of was PSA, so I looked around for group during Quad Day.What better way to meet new people than through the Filipino connection? I saw the flag while I was walking around the Quad and I signed up for the email. I attended my first event at Ice Cream Social and that was when I decided to stick around with PSA and it’s a decision that I will always be happy about!


Why do you love PSA?

The bonds and memories that have been created through PSA have been numerous. That is something that I will always remember.


Dream job?

Head Coach for the Bulls, Clippers, Bears, Blackhawks, and whatever NFL team that moves to LA. Also, manager for the White Sox.