Awareness – Randall Tran


Integrative Biology (Pre-Med Track)


Two o’ woes! You Better Know.

Zodiac Sign



Jam sesh(s) are always the best way to bond, Instrument playing, Some urban photography, Eating good, Roadtrips are hella fun

Why join PSA?

I joined PSA because the culture and how dedicated everyone is. The fact that we have AKAs and members to be there mentally and physically is such a blessing. I wanted to see what there was more to offer and I knew that this organization would make me grow as a person and a leader.

What makes PSA special to you?

PSA is more than a RSO, it is Ohana. We all struggle and fall together but at the same time we pick each other up so we make it to the end. We all put our hardest into a org to make it the best we can to stand tall in the community.

Advice to Freshmen?

Whatever you do, have the time of life because remember you’re only here for four years and they past by fast. Sure, School is life but you can only live so much so remember mental health, having fun, and rest is key to success. GO BRAZZYYY – 1/2 of Awareness Chair, Randall T.