Anthony Nguyen

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Community Health | Pre-Nursing
Prime ’19

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Favorite PSA memory?

My favorite PSA memory was when I went to the AKA (Ate, Kuya, Ading) reveal. I had a great time meeting the people I would call my AKAs and just really learning more about these great people as well as further developing a bond/connection with them. This part of PSA is personally my favorite because it’s one memory that ultimately creates the many more to come during your college experience and even after.

What makes PSA special to you? What do you love about PSA?

The people and relationships you gain from PSA is something special. Through PSA I met a lot of great people with different perspectives and also similar interest. The memories I was able to make with people in PSA made my college experience and personal life great and enjoyable. Also the AKA system is something that just makes PSA great because of the relationships and connections you make from them. PSA is like a home away from home.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I like to relax and catch up on TV. I enjoy spending time with friends and also spending time outdoors and exploring nature. I find these activities relaxing and enjoyable.

How would you recommend one to be more active in creating a healthy and diverse community?

The whole campus itself offers numerous resources. Many RSO and colleagues offer advice and talk about resources on campus for the Asian American Community such as AACC, YMCA, MAFA, Asian-American RSOs, etc. In order to be active in a diverse community as well as fulfilling our mission statement, one must really push themselves to take action and meeting new people as well as trying new things on campus. It’s important to take advantage of the resources UIUC has to offer and make good use of it as well as being proactive with the diverse community in UIUC and also exploring different RSOs and interests.

One place you’d like to travel.

The one place I’d like to travel to before I die is Australia. I’ve seen lots of pictures and just think the continent/country is beautiful with lots of sights to offer for tourists. For example, I’d like to see the coral reefs and just experience the Australian lifestyle and environment.