Alumni – Greg Chan


Kinesiology (Pre-PA)


Two O’ Woes!

Zodiac Sign



Basketball, Music, Movies

Why join PSA?

The AKA Program! Growing up as the oldest child I never really had anyone to look up to as a Kuya or an Ate. Through the program I have been fortunate enough to have the best support system around me, people I can call my best friends, and most importantly people I can look up to as older brothers and sisters.

What makes PSA special to you?

PSA is my home away from home. A place that I know I can go to for support, stress relief, and advice when I need it. PSA has been such a big part of my college experience and I am so incredibly fortunate to have found an organization that treats everyone like family.

Advice to Freshmen?

Ask for help when you need it! If you are struggling with something, whether it be school related to not it’s always best to talk to someone about it rather than letting it build up. People care about you so let them help you!